How Long Does It Take To Tint A Car?

More than 9000 mishaps are caused yearly by sun glare, more than the mishaps from slick roads. Tinting vehicle windows is one of the idyllic approaches to blocking UV rays and glare from the sun.

It aids in improving visibility for the driver and travelers. Tint car windows can also make windows sturdier, reduce the danger of theft, and make your automobile seem more attention-grabbing.

Given its advantages, you might be speculating, how long does window tinting take, and how much are tinted windows? In today’s guide, we will answer all your queries related to this subject.

What is 30 Window Tint?

Several small layers of polyester make up a 30 percent tinted window. Tinted windows help with heat and stop surplus UV rays from coming through windows.

Besides, it functions more like an auto-tinting windows film for privacy around the clock. The tint has various levels of shades and performance standards. It all depends on what you wish for your vehicle tint.

Which Aspects Determine The Time Of 30 Tint On The Car?

Below are the vital factors that affect the time length to tint car windows.

Windows Size

One aspect that determines how long it takes to tint a car is the size of the windows. Smaller ones need less time and are faster.

Bigger windows require more time to tint because they need more caution to finish.

Number Of Windows

If you want to have only two windows tinted, it will take half the time it takes to tint all windows.

Generally, individuals choose to tint all windows in their automobiles, including the windscreen, but you may choose only to apply car window protection to your front windows.

Applying the tint will take a long time if you have a bigger vehicle with more windows.

The Windows Are Already Tinted

If your vehicle windows are already tinted, and you want to replace scratched or damaged tinting film or switch to a different tint range, applying the novel tint can take longer than usual.

This is because the installers first need to remove the old one and clean tinted car windows to ensure all glue residue is appropriately eliminated.

After cleaning and drying the glass, they start applying the new tint. The number of windows and old tint’s age will affect how long does it take to tint windows.

Window Type And Complexity

Most automobiles feature basic windows’ styles, but not all. Some vehicle models have distinctive window designs that make installing tint take much longer than normal.

How Long Does It Take To Tint Windows?

Plenty of time is invested in cleaning and preparing the window surface. You want to ensure everything is clean and free of pollutants, such as oil, dust, and dirt.

You also want to guarantee the film is clean. If any of these things are contaminated, the film will not stick properly when you apply it.

The time it takes to install the tint depends on your automobile’s size, window type, tint brand, the tint’s darkness, and how detailed the task is.

Usually, it takes approximately 60 minutes to tint the front windows, almost 90 minutes to tint the side windows, and 90 minutes to tint the back ones.

The time it takes to install the tint depends on your automobile’s size, window type, tint brand, the tint’s darkness, and how detailed the task is

How Long Does Tint Take To Dry?

This will vary considerably based on the tint’s material and quality. Temperature also plays a key role in how long it will take to dry.

Most folks suggest getting it done during the hot weather since the hotness can cause the tint to dry rapidly. It should take only 2-3 days to dry completely.

However, the drying process will take 7 to 14 days if you want to do it in winter. Giving your windows 3-5 days before rolling them down or using them is better.

Here are some tips that can help reduce the tint drying time.

  • Hire a professional that has been offering tinting services for a long term.
  • If applying tint during winter, keep your car in the garage where it is warm and take it outdoors when it gets sunny.
  • Use a sponge with a handle to eliminate water applied during the installation procedure. Less water means a shorter drying time.

What Are The Dangers Of DIY Window Tint?

Here are a few threats of do-it-yourself window tint.

  • Tint Bubbles

Bubbles in tinted windows are the major issue with DIY tinting. Window tint bubbles after installation can make the windows appear unattractive.

How to remove bubbles from window tint? You can eradicate them by pricking them with a needle and then flattening them with a card over the bubble to make them vanish.

  • Poor Visibility

It can impair your ability to see out of the windows, which is tremendously dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do Tint Windows Keep The Car Cooler?

It blocks infrared and UV light. Both are liable for the too much heat inside your automobile during summer. This makes your vehicle cooler by blocking these rays.

  • How To Clean Tinted Car Windows?

You only need hot water and a few soft rags to clean your tinted windows to eliminate dirt. Otherwise, you can use a glass cleaner on your tinted car windows.

  • Does Tint Go On The Inside Or Outside?

Mostly it is installed on the glass’s inside. This permits maximum sturdiness. On automobiles, the 30 tint is hand-cut on the glass’s outer side, then installed on the glass’s interior.


The perfect way to determine the time it takes to tint the windows is to visit a nearby service center and talk to expert tint installers.

They will consider all the above factors before giving you an exact time estimate, permitting you to plan appropriately when to take your vehicle for tinting. Follow CarDecent for more vital tips on car repair and maintenance.

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