How to Diagnose and Fix a Car Leaking Water?

Why is my car leaking water? And how can I fix the water leaking from car? These are the most buzzing questions. Though experiencing this kind of issue is a norm and every car owner experiences it at some point, it’s quite stressful for new car owners.

The damages and side effects of a car leaking water depend on the amount of water. If your car drops off small water drops when parking, it’s not a sign to be worried or concerned about it. However, if your vehicle is leaking a considerable amount of water continuously, you need to detect the reason and fix it ASAP to avoid further damage because it indicates a severe problem.

Causes of Car Leaking Water:

Though experiencing water dripping under the car is a norm and quite harmless to your vehicle’s health, a vehicle inspection to find out the reason for this leakage is crucial to avoid any kind of trouble. The reason is that continuous driving even after noticing leaking can cause massive damage to you and your vehicle.

Some major signs that can cause water leaks in a car are listed below.

AC Condensation

One of the major reasons for cars leaking water is AC condensation. It usually happens during summer when you are driving your car or your car’s air conditioner is working. The air conditioner system starts producing condensation and causes water to drip from the vehicle. It also causes dripping on parking. It’s nothing to be worried about because it’s the normal functioning of a vehicle AC.

Vehicle air conditioner

Exhaust Condensation

Another possible reason for car water leaking is exhaust condensation. In this case, one can witness water drops dripping off near the exhaust pipeline. It indicates the normal functioning of the exhaust system during winter. However, if the exhaust pipe leaks a massive amount of water then it’s a sign of cracks or faults and needs immediate service.

Another possible reason for car water leaking is exhaust condensation

Blown Gasket

Experiencing water leaks due to exhaust condensation in cold weather is a norm. However, experiencing continuous and massive leakage, it’s a sign of a blown gasket. In this case, you can also experience white smoke with water leakage.

Head Gasket

Damage Sunroof Drain

Sometimes this occurs only when you park your car on the slop. It happens due to a damaged sunroof drain. When the dust covers the drain or becomes rusty, it results in leakage. The best solution to solve this issue is the cleaning of dust and the use of air-blowing systems to remove dust particles from the draining system.

Sometimes water leaks occur only when you park your car on the slop. It happens due to a damaged sunroof drain

Problem with Window Seal

Experiencing water leaks during rain due to defective window seals is another major problem that a car owner can experience. When the raindrops hit the car’s sides, it results in water accumulation and dripping when parked or even driving. Using a rubber gasket can be used to cover the sealing gap after cleaning it thoroughly.

Experiencing water leaks during rain due to defective window seals is another major problem that a car owner can experience

Faulty Air Conditioning and Heating System

If you are experiencing fluid leaking from front passenger side of car or inside the vehicle, it’s a sign of one and more damaged parts of the air conditioner or heating system of the car. The most common damages can be clogged or damaged evaporating drains and faulty plastic seals of air conditioning systems.

Car AC

Cracked Reservoir

Most car owners used water to fill in the windshields to enhance their durability. It freezes and accumulates, which results in leaking fluid when the temperature becomes hot. It’s a sign of cracked reservoirs.

How To Fix Water Leaking From Car?

For effective vehicle leak repair, a complete inspection of the vehicle to find out the reason for leakage and the location is crucial. You can take help from a professional mechanic to perform this task. Though the best solution for regular vehicle maintenance and fixing leak issues is sending the car to a creditable service station, the following methods can also help you to cope with this issue.

Distinguish Between Water and Other Fluids Leak

The very first step to fixing leakage from cars is to distinguish between water and other fluids. It’s quite easy. All you need to perform this test is a tissue or paper towel. Other fluids like coolants, oil, and engine fluid show greenish or bluish, black, and red colors respectively. Placing tissue paper directly under the dripping fluid can immediately indicate the type of leaking fluid.

Fluids other than water like petrol or engine fuel also possess a sharp distinctive smell that can be easily felt.

Fluids Leakage Problem
Photo: Sarah German

Sand and Clean Rust

Automobile leaking water issues due to damaged sunroof drain, windshield, and clogged drainage systems usually happen due to rusting and clogging. It causes resistance in the complete closing of the sunroof and water can easily enter the car. Cleaning these parts and removing rust is the best way to solve this problem. Unclogging the draining system with the help of a blower can also fix this issue.

Repair or Seal Cracks

Repairing sealing gaps is also an effective treatment to fix car leaking issues. After cleaning the parts with damaged sealing thoroughly, applying rubber gaskets is the best solution. However, rubber gaskets require regular replacement after a specific duration.

Replace Damage Parts

Replacing damaged parts like plastic or rubber seals, cracked reservoirs, clogged drainage systems, and defective parts of the air conditioner or heating system is the most effective and long-term solution to leaking issues.

FAQs About Car Leaking Water:

Is it Normal For a Car To Leak Water?

It depends on the type and location of the leakage. Experiencing water drops dripping off due to AC and exhaust condensation is a normal factor. However, the continuous dripping of water with white smoke is a sign of a blown gasket, cracked reservoirs, and other faulted parts.

Why Do Cars Leak Water?

Cars leak water due to multiple reasons. Some of these factors are the norm, while some are alarming signs that your car needs professional services ASAP. Some common causes may include; AC or exhaust condensation, blown gaskets, damaged sealing, clogging, and staining of the draining system.

Why is My Car Leaking Water When AC is On?

Experiencing cars leaking water when AC is nothing to be worried about. When air conditioning starts working it starts producing condensation that results in the dripping of small water drops under the vehicle.

Bottom Line

Experiencing a water leak underneath a car is not a major issue to be worried about because it usually happens due to the condensation process. However, regular inspection and repair are crucial for vehicle maintenance and fixing minor issues before they become worse. Make sure to rely on a creditable service center to perform this job and enjoy long-term benefits with a comfortable riding experience.

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