Why Is My Car Smoking & How Do I Fix It?

If you are experiencing any kind of white or black smoke during driving or after starting the car, your car is in trouble, and continuous driving when car smoking can cause severe trouble to you and your vehicle. However, immediate plugging off the engine, inspection, and proper service can help you to avoid accidents and further damage to your vehicle or its crucial parts.

Car smoking is not a minor problem, it can lead to a fire and cause irreparable loss to the driver and other passengers if not treated immediately. The reasons and causes of car smoking under hood and in other areas can be different. Therefore, consulting a professional and certified expert is crucial to identify the exact location of the damage, its root cause, and appropriate treatment.

Reasons for Car Smoking:

Diagnosis of the root cause of car smoking is crucial to choose an effective treatment. The reasons and causes mainly depend on the location from where the smoke is blowing. For example, the smoke coming from the engine indicates a problem with engine fluids and fault in engine parts while the smoke blowing from under the hood diagnoses a leaking issue.

Why Does My Car Smoke Just After Starting The Engine

There are many reasons behind car smoking. However, we have enlisted here some main culprits;

1. Oil Split

The most common cause of the car blowing white smoke but not overheating is the oil split. It usually happens due to faulty parts and oil leakage in the engine. Sometimes the burning of oil residue present in the cap of older oil fillers also causes smoking. Fixing leakage or replacing the leaked parts can easily solve this issue.

Repairing Car

2. Damaged Electrical wiring

Another possible reason for the engine, exhaust, or bonnet of a car is the damaged electrical wiring. Due to overheating or burning oil the electrical wires become mixed and damaged due to sticking with each other. In severe conditions, it can lead to a fire.

Another possible reason for the engine, exhaust, or bonnet of a car is the damaged electrical wiring.

3. Damaged Fuel Injector

Fuel injectors are used to add petrol and diesel to the vehicle engine as a high-pressure mist. When the dirt entered, it clogged them and stopped their working. Sometimes they start leaking due to seal tearing. It results in the car blowing black smoke. The best way to fix this problem is to replace the fuel injectors ASAP.

4. Worn Piston Rings

Another major reason for car smoking on start-up and during driving is worn or failed piston rings. These are crucial parts that are present in the cylinders. On losing the seal, they cause fluid or oil leakage which results in bluish or gray smoke from the car exhaust. It needs immediate and expert service for fixation.

5. Oil Filler Cap

When oil fillers become older, oil residue starts gathering in their caps. And the burning of this residue causes car exhaust when starting up. The best solution to fix this problem is to replace old filers with new ones.

Oil Filler Cap

6. Leaking Coolant

Leaking coolant due to faulty parts and seals is also a major cause of smoking. The reason is that when leaking coolants face or touch hot components they start to e up as smoke beneath the hood.

How Long does Coolant Last in a Car?

7. Cracked Engine Block

The engine block is the key component of any vehicle that helps it in the smooth running and also helps other major parts to work accurately. Cracked in the engine block causes coolant leaking that results in white smoke when car starts. Fixing this problem is quite expensive, complicated, and crucial because cars can’t perform without it.

8. Head Gasket Failure

Head Gaskets are crucial tools that seal the internal combustion process. When they fail to seal they cause bluish smoke and overheating or in some cases overheating cause this issue. The only way to fix this issue is professional treatment which is quite expensive.

Head Gasket Failure

How To Fix?

Whether you are experiencing car smoking on startup or a burning smell from the car but not overheating, the best way to fix the solution is to know the location and the root cause of the smoking to select the right treatment. Though the best solution to fix this problem is regular inspection, and expert service, you can also adopt the following ways to get instant relief.

Manual Inspection

The very first thing that you need to do after noticing smoke emissions from the car is manual inspection. It will help you to understand the type and origin of the exhaust. The reason is that cars emit different colors including gray, black, and white. Each type of smoke has a different reason and requires different techniques to stop smoke from cars.

Each type of smoke has a different reason and requires different techniques to stop smoke from cars

Motor Honey Oil Treatment

This treatment can be used to stop both black and white smoke. Using a full bottle of motor honey oil treatment to add it to motor oil whenever you change the oil can help you to cope with this problem to a large extent. The reason is that the addition of this oil boosts the resistance of motor oil to burning and smoky exhaust. However, this trick does not work all the time, and the best solution is to see a professional mechanic.

Use of Fuel System Cleaner

If your car smoking smells like burning oil and is black then this trick can work for you. All you need is to take a complete fuel system cleaner and add it to your car gas tank. It will not only clean carbonators, injectors, and intake valves but also enhance the smooth running of the engine which results in reducing smoke.

Hire Expert Services

When it comes to white smoke vs black smoke, white is more dangerous. Therefore, manual tricks and methods do not work to fix or stop it. In this case, the best solution is to immediately send your car to an expert and skilled mechanic. They will not only help you to stop car smoking but will also boost the overall performance of the vehicle by fixing mini errors and damages.


Why is My Car Smoking White?

The main reason for cars smoking white with a pungent smell is the damaged or burning electrical wiring due to overheating. Diagnosing and fixing this issue is quite simple.

What to Do When Your Vehicle Starts Smoking?

Regardless of the type of smoking, immediate inspection and treatment from an expert mechanic are mandatory to avoid further damage. However, you can also use some manual tricks like adding fuel system cleaner in the gas tank of the car for instant relief.

Why Does My Car Keep Overheating and Smoking?

This problem usually happens due to damaged wires and overheating car fluids including engine oil, transmission, and brake fluid. In some cases when oil residues burn on the engine block they also cause overheating and smoking.

Why is My Car Smoking From Exhaust?

If you are noticing your vehicle keeps smoking from the exhaust after starting or during driving, it indicates a problem with the performance of fuel injectors. When the dirt clogged their path and did not allow enough air to enter or the injectors started filling extra fuel, the vehicle started smoking from exhaust.

What does It Mean When Your Car Is Smoking?

Car smoking after starting indicates a problem with the engine and exhaust or some of their parts. The most common reasons for car smoking may include faulty valves, cracked engine blocks, damaged wires, coolant leaking, and faulty fuel injectors.

Bottom Line

Though the emission of black or white smoke from car is a common and simple matter it can be worse if ignored or not fixed timely. From poor performance to unbearable smell and fire, it can cause massive destruction to your vehicle engine and exhaust. Therefore, regular inspection and repair of any type of damage that can cause car smoking are mandatory to keep the vehicle engine and exhaust in good working condition.

With the help of this guide, you can easily understand the blowing smoke meaning and what causes car to smoke. From types of smoke to all possible reasons and manual tricks to effective treatments, it will provide you assistance at each stage.

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