Exclamation Mark On Dash: Meaning And Its Causes

Today, many contemporary vehicles have indicator lights on the dashboard to provide car owners with rapid information about their automobiles.

In some situations, lights educate them about several accessories and components’ status. One of these lights is the circle with an exclamation mark inside a car.

So, what does the exclamation point mean in a car, and what are its causes? In this blog, we will answer all your questions about this topic.

What Does Exclamation Mark On The Dash Mean?

The exclamation point in the car has diverse meanings with different car manufacturers. It could indicate a serious warning message is available, informing you to find other warnings.

With some car models, it also means there is something wrong with the VSA. It does not typically mean that a serious problem has occurred.

Mostly, it is just meant to attract your attention to another warning. Between the triangle with the exclamation point and other car warning lights, you can put all the pieces together to figure out what is wrong.

The exclamation point can be yellow, orange, or red, depending on what brand it is. The warning’s color has no connection with the problem’s severity.

Causes Of Exclamation Mark On The Dashboard:

Here are a few potential reasons for the exclamation mark on the dash.

Brake System Problems

The vehicle could have low fluid if the dash exclamation mark appears with a brake warning. Without the correct quantity of brake fluid, it becomes difficult to stop the car quickly. Rarely, it could indicate that the brake pads have deteriorated or there is another issue with the system.

You should check the service manual to know what the combination of vehicle dashboard lights means for your automobile.

red exclamation mark on dashboard

Vehicle Stability Assist Problems

Honda cars have VSA that can malfunction. When it does, you will witness a yellow exclamation mark on the dashboard and another indicator light that says “VSA.”

These lights could mean that the system is deactivated. Sometimes, there is an issue that needs to be fixed.

With some models, the VSA warning light will flicker when the traction is lost. It is solely when the light is on solid that you need to fix the issue.

exclamation point in car

Stability Control/Traction Control Problems

With some cars, the yellow exclamation mark on the dashboard could indicate an issue with the stability control or traction control systems.

You may also witness a light that shows an automobile with wavy road lines underneath it. It looks like a vehicle driving on slick road surfaces.

In some scenarios, these lights show that the traction control system has been deactivated. In some cases, it shows that there is a fault that needs to be resolved.

It is vital to note that the stability control and traction control lights can light up for a minute under normal circumstances.

If it appears and goes off, it means that the traction was lost temporarily and regained. This occurs when driving on slick roads and is no cause for concern. This flashing means that the system is functioning correctly.

Information System Message Alert

With most cars, the orange exclamation mark on the dashboard is used to notify about other issues. It is designed to draw your attention to the dashboard or the infotainment system.

You may think that the car dashboard symbol lights were adequate to indicate an issue. Nevertheless, car producers felt that a second warning was required to attract drivers’ attention.

How To Fix Different Exclamation Mark On The Dashboard?

Consider these steps to fix dashboard symbols and meanings.

Look For The Meaning In The Owner’s Manual

The exclamation point can mean different problems; it is necessary to determine how your vehicle manufacturer envisioned it.

Check the owner’s manual to procure clarification. If there is insufficient information in the manual, the service manual should give more documentation.

You can also conduct an online search to know what the exclamation point means in a car.

Contact An Expert

You can also contact an experienced mechanic for further guidance. After examination, the expert should be able to tell you the problem and offer an estimate.

To find a professional mechanic in your locality, read reviews online and select a recommended location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is It Safe To Drive With The Exclamation Mark?

You can drive your car with this mark, but you should not think it is safe. Figure out the reason for the alert to determine if it is safe. If an issue could lead to bigger problems, repair it immediately.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Fix The Dash Exclamation Mark?

It depends on the cause of the issue. If you need to activate the VSA system, the fix won’t cost a single penny. Adding brake fluid will cost a minimal amount. However, if there is a fault with VSA or traction control system, you may have to spend a hefty amount to fix them.


The exclamation mark can inform drivers of their car’s problems. It illuminates rarely; it must not be overlooked when it does.

If you want to maintain a solid and long relationship between you and your vehicle, then listen to your car and know how to react appropriately.

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