How To Remove Car Window Stickers Without Scratching Car?

Do you own a car? If yes, then you must have faced the frustration that goes hand in hand when it comes to removing car window stickers. These stickers first start peeling off on their own. However, when you use your hand to remove them completely, they rip into ragged strips, making your car’s windshield look weird.

Removing dealer stickers is the first thing you want to do after buying a car. These promotional stickers don’t look good on your car. However, you can damage your car’s window. It’s also difficult to get them removed as they are often ripped into jagged pieces. Don’t worry! We got you. We are here to tell you the ways to remove decals from car windows. So, without further ado, let’s head towards exploring these ways.

Ways To Remove Car Window Stickers:

There are numerous ways to remove your car’s windshield stickers. However, not all of them work well for every type of sticker and car. Therefore, we are here with some top and most effective methods to remove windshield stickers. Let’s have a look at them.

Window/Glass Cleaner

It is a classic way to remove car window decals. You can use any effective window cleaner to take off stickers from your car’s windshield. You first need to clean the window and then apply glass cleaner to it. You have to wait until the sticker soaks all the cleaner. Now you have to rub it off with the help of a microfiber cloth or a plastic scraper. Make sure that you do so by applying gentle pressure only. In case you feel it is hard to remove them, apply some more glass cleaner.

Adhesive Removers

It is difficult to remove dealer stickers from cars due to their strong adhesion. Therefore, you can go with adhesive removers to get rid of these sticky stickers. You can go with a number of adhesive removers. However, it is best to ask someone for recommendations. You can ask your friends and colleagues to recommend the best adhesive remover that can help in eliminating them from car glass.

Once you grab the adhesive remover, the next step is to use it. You have to apply a limited amount of it on a clean surface with a sticker. Then you have to wait a few minutes so that your adhesive remover can do its job. After that, you can simply peel the sticker off or rub it with a cloth.

Using Hair Dryer

A hair dryer can also help you to remove stickers from the car windows without damage. The hot air coming out of the hair dryer can melt the adhesives of stickers and make it easy for you to eliminate them. The same technique is used by dealers when they apply stickers on your car’s window. You have to set the dryer at a max value so that hot air comes out of it and melts the adhesive solution of stickers. After that, you can remove them conveniently.

Using Ice

Believe it or not, ice can also do a great job when it comes to removing dealer stickers from vehicles. Ice can minimize the adhesion of stickers. You have to take an ice cube and rub it on stickers. Repeat the process a few times and then try to remove them. This tip is very effective especially to remove old car stickers.


Alcohol is one of the best ways to remove stickers from glass. You can use it to get rid of dealer stickers from your car windshield. Alcohol can dissolve them and make it easy for you to eliminate them. You have to take alcohol and apply it on stickers. Stickers will soak it and then you have to peel them off. Rubbing them with a microfiber cloth will be a great idea.


Using a blade is one of the most effective ways to eliminate stickers from your car window. However, you need to be very careful when using it. Otherwise, you can damage your car or hands instead of sticker removal. The blade can help in sticker removal by scraping it in a convenient way.

Preventive Measures to Keep in Mind When Removing Car Windshield Stickers

You cannot just pick any product and rub it on your car’s stickers. You can end up damaging your car window. Therefore, you must keep the following preventive measures in your mind when removing them from your vehicle.

  • The first thing you have to do is to select a suitable method for sticker removal. Go with the method you think you can perform perfectly.
  • You must choose an adhesive remover from a well-reputed brand. Such adhesive removal products show good results and are OK to use for every type of vehicle. Adhesive removers can be flammable. So you must be very careful when applying it.
  • You must use the blade only when you can angle it properly. You have to keep it at a specific angle to avoid any scratches. Therefore, you must use it only when you are an expert.


How to get stickers off car windows?

You can go with several methods to take stickers off car windows. Trying alcohol or simply water can do the trick for you. Otherwise, you can buy an adhesive remover to get rid of car stickers.

Do window stickers leave marks?

Yes! Some stickers can leave color marks behind. However, it often happens when you leave them on your vehicle window for a long time. You can also face this problem when you don’t remove them properly.

Is it easy to take off car window stickers?

It is not very easy to separate them from your car window. However, if you go with the aforementioned methods, you can get rid of them easily.

Bottom Line

You no longer have to bear the dealer stickers on your vehicle windshield as now you know how to get stickers off the car window. The aforementioned methods are super effective in removing vehicle stickers. You must pay special attention to the preventive measures as they are for you and your car’s security. It’s time to have clean car windshields.

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