7 Reasons To Utilize Microfiber Car Cloths For Car Cleaning

microfiber car wash towels

Vehicles are quite costly; unsurprisingly, many possessors treat them like babies.

Cars demand high maintenance if you want them to serve you for a prolonged duration. They require regular professional car cleaning and servicing.

Most folks take their automobiles to vehicle wash centers for washing cars, where different sorts of towels for car cleaning are utilized.

Various types of towels are used when cleaning not only the vehicle’s exterior but also the interior.

Nonetheless, it is better to use microfiber car wash towels as a substitute because they suit all your needs.

Today, we will describe why you should use microfiber cloths and how to keep a black car clean.

What Are Microfiber Car Cloths?

Microfiber is a synthetic substance popularly used in car microfiber towels, apparel, and other washable stuff.

It has small fibers between 100 and 1000 μm. In look, it is identical to cotton but resembles fiberglass.

They are crafted from either polyamide or polyester. When the small fibers are split, they are around 200X thinner than a human hair strand.

The split microfibers become far more absorbent and can remove a huge amount of grease, oil, and dirt.

It is also remarkable at soaking up water, a vital part of acquiring an effective dryness that leaves behind no spots or lines.

But why are the tiniest fibers more effective? Microfibers can attach themselves to small pieces of dirt.

The majority of fabric fibers brush past these microscopic dust particles, which can accumulate and become perceptible over time.

When microfiber is knitted together, the final outcome is a net-like surface that makes millions of small spaces for trapping moisture and dirt.

Microfiber cloths can also eliminate debris from the small gaps and corners where a cotton cloth could not go.

7 Reasons To Use Microfiber Cloths For Car Cleaning and Drying

It will be challenging for traditional clothes we use to clean cars to reach small spaces.

Nevertheless, the best drying towel for cars in the United States will clean particles that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

Here are the biggest reasons to wash a vehicle with a microfiber cloth.

towels for car cleaning

●  They Are An Affordable Solution

Car cleaner equipment can be costly over months and years. Therefore, you should consider using microfiber cloths to clean your cars in the United States.

Detailing towels and rags can endure countless washes before their performance worsens.

As a consequence, you will save a considerable amount on the replacements you would typically have to invest in.

The microfiber towel to clean a car can decrease expenditures even further in a simple yet powerful fashion: its adhesiveness is strong enough to remove the smallest dirt pieces, which alternative cleaning stuff might miss.

You can clean your automobile with water and car washing cloth alone, without using chemical-based items. This way, you can save money and reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

●  They Are Perfect For Car Detailing

The microfiber towels for cars in the United States are impeccable for cleaning because they have small fibers that can effortlessly grasp dust to the towel and away from the vehicle’s surface.

On the flip side, regular clothes only spread dust instead of eliminating it.

When fibers rub together, they generate static energy, making the rag significantly more effective cleaning material because the produced energy then attracts the dirt particles.

During professional car detailing, experts utilize these cloths during cleaning because of their huge surface area, making it easier to eliminate dirt.

They remove 99% of bacteria from a surface, whereas traditional cloths only remove 30% of bacteria.

There is a reason experts call them dirt magnets. That’s why you should use them for cleaning your car’s exterior and interior.

●  They Are Ultra-Absorbent

Another major reason to use microfiber cloths is that they are extremely absorbent.

When vehicle cleaning, water can collect into a pool that needs you to use a rag to soak up the water. Not every kind of material sucks up the water swiftly.

Some are absorbent, while some require a huge amount of time and tolerance to dry out the pool.

Nobody wants to invest a lot of time trying to soak out water. That’s why you should opt for a microfiber cloth.

They are tremendously absorbent and take only a few seconds to dry water pools without leaving any watermarks.

Also, they dry quickly as they are absorbent. This nature discards any possibilities of bacteria growing on them.

drying towel for cars

●  They Are Hard-Wearing And Long-Lasting

While other cloth materials can wear, rip, and begin to fray, the best towel for drying cars is made to be sturdy and long-lasting.

The research discovered that the performance of a microfiber automotive towel improves after being used.

Their performance improved at 75 washes and started to decline after 150 washes. Nonetheless, they were still very effective even after 150 washes.

Because car wash cloths are robust, you will invest less money to replace them. This permits you to decrease your services’ price or spend extra money on improving your car wash.

●  They Are Reusable And Eco-Friendly

Another reason why experts recommend using microfiber cloths is that they are reusable.

They are more durable compared to other cleaning materials. They can also endure numerous washes, making them reusable.

Besides, you don’t need to utilize chemicals when using microfiber towels for auto-cleaning tips.

It will make sure you safeguard the environment from its negative impact.

Moreover, you will use more water when cleaning with other materials. However, you can save on water by using microfiber cloths.

●  They Improve Your Health

Chemicals are poisonous and will harm your health. Though they are commonly used in car cleaning, they can bring particular medical conditions.

However, the microfiber towels are safe for your health as you don’t need to use chemicals when cleaning with them.

You can limit your exposure to harmful elements in cleaning agents.

The microfiber towels are safe to use, and you can easily proceed through the surfaces and guarantee you shield your hands from injuries.

●  They Are Gentle On Sensitive Surfaces

Fibers are smaller, so they are very soft and not abrasive. Microfiber cloths are made of polyamide and polyester.

If you are seeking an ultra-soft cloth to clean delicate surfaces, choose a towel with more polyamide.

The polyamide combination is softer compared to polyester. We recommend using a softer rag for cleaning the vehicle because it confirms that its paint remains intact.

The cleaning towel’s softness and non-abrasive nature guarantee that there are no scratches and marks made on the automobile surfaces by dirt particles when you are cleaning.

Automotive towel

Tips For Washing And Maintaining Car Cleaning Towels

Bear in mind these things to wash and maintain a microfiber cloth in the United States.

  • Purchase specific microfiber car wash towels for each part of your vehicle. Avoid using one for cleaning all parts. You will not want to pollute the car’s interior with bird droppings or scratch your automobile’s paint after cleaning the wheels.
  • Don’t wash the best drying towel for cars together. In fact, you should place them separately. If it is not possible, pre-soak them in hot water. Avoid washing them with cotton cloths.
  • It is best to use regular detergent, microfiber wash cleaning detergent, or liquid detergent with a half cup of white vinegar. Don’t use fabric softener as it loses the cloth’s static energy.
  • Never add bleach or powdered detergent.
  • Warm water is seamless for removing dirt and grime from the microfiber towels.
  • Avoid ironing the microfiber cloths. If you iron it, it will melt polyester and diminish the effectiveness of the fabric.
  • Don’t dry your cloth in too much heat. We recommend using the lowermost heat setting in your dryer.
  • Keep car cleaning towels in a covered area as they are susceptible to swiftly catching dirt.


Microfiber towels are gaining popularity because of their effectiveness, unlike other cleaning materials.

The different mixtures of fibers perform diverse functions. Polyamide makes the towel softer, while the polyester makes the cloth sturdy.

Finding the correct microfiber towel to clean the car in the market can be tough. If you are not vigilant, you might buy the wrong cloth.

You should test to ensure the towel has an excellent gripping effect when rubbed across vehicle surfaces.

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