Where Can I Get My Car Detailed & Why Do I Need it?

Every type of car has a specific life span after which it demands replacement. Rough handling and avoiding the basic needs of the vehicle can reduce the car’s performance even before reaching its specific life span. Therefore regular maintenance is extremely crucial to enjoying an excellent performance of the vehicle for a specific time frame and auto detailing is the best way to achieve this task.

So, the questions begin here. What is car detailing? Why is it important? And what are the benefits of car detailing? Or how much does it cost?

Let us walk you through the answers for each of them one by one. So, that you can develop a better understanding of the significance of car detail services.

Let’s start!

What is Car Detailing?

Most people confuse the term ‘car detailing’ with car washing. While both procedures are quite different from each other and important to enjoy the excellent performance of the vehicle.

It is the process that begins with the basic vacuuming and cleaning of the vehicle but in a deeper way. Then it also includes the restoration and finishing of a motor vehicle.

You can say that detailing gives your car a new look and also keeps it in good working order without repainting it and spending a bank of money.

How Car Detailing Enhances the Look and Performance of Your Car

DIY Car Detailing

You’ll need numerous automotive-specific tools and detailing products, such as car detailing steamers and brushes. You may need to set up a few hours the first time, especially if you haven’t done it before.

A comprehensive automobile detail may just take an hour or two if your vehicle is only a few years old and washed and vacuumed regularly. If your automobile is older and hasn’t been vacuumed in years, auto detailing for the first time may take an entire day.

Transform Your Car's Appearance with These Easy DIY Detailing

Some crucial tips to groom a car at home are listed here;

  • De-stink the interior to remove or neutralize the tobacco and other unpleasant smells.
  • Rinse and wash the windows including the top edges, and all other parts of the vehicle carefully.
  • Clean leather, fix tears, and other damages.
  • Fix minor paint scratches and use wax or polish the finish to enhance the glow and look of your vehicle. Make sure to use paint sealant to avoid scratches and other environmental impacts on the vehicle paint.
  • Deep clean or replace the upholstery and carpet of the vehicle.
  • A scrap of annoying stickers, clean air vacant, and wash the hood latch.
  • Lubricate all crucial parts to avoid friction, rust, and noise while driving.
  • Make sure to use good quality soap and other materials involved in car detailing to avoid further damage.
  • Dry car after detailing for 24 hours to ensure good results.

Professional Car Detailing

Though car detailing can be done at home, professional auto detailing from an expert and credible service station is crucial to get desired results or avoiding risks and damages. Professionals offer different types of packages with different sorts of services.

Some important services including auto detailing packages are described below.

  • Exterior cleaning to fix the errors, damages, and clean dirt. It may include washing, paint claying, polishing, sealing or waxing, trip repainting, engine cleaning, bumper, and glass chip repair.
  • Interior cleaning is also a crucial step in the car detailing procedure to neutralize unpleasant smells, upgraded carpets, and overall performance of the vehicle. It may include vacuuming, scribing, brushing, scrubbing, steam cleaning, glass cleaning, leather trimming, and perfuming.
  • Paint correction, PPF, and ceramic coating are additional services offered by professionals that can greatly add to the looks and performance of your vehicle.

The Benefits of Machine Polishing for Your Vehicle

Why Do You Need It?

Well, it is quite understood from its definition. You can also prefer to go for a steamer for car detailing. However, if you still think you are being careful and don’t need it, you are wrong.

Even if you have kept your vehicle with extra care, it can still have an unwanted mess. Car scratches, interior car detail, exterior detailing, and much more improve your vehicle in both looks and performance.

Auto detailing services are to improve the overall appearance of your vehicle and help retain its value. Taking care of the car’s interior detailing and exterior is one of the best methods to keep its monetary value even as it depreciates naturally.

Some key benefits or points to illustrate the importance of car detailing are listed below;

1. Increase the Performance

Dirty windows, clogged air vacant, and poor engines are the main culprits behind the poor performance and increasing risks of life-threatening accidents. Auto detailing allows you to deep clean, fix tears, and repair all types of damages. It results in the extremely improved performance of the vehicle.

2. Add to Car LifeSpan

Car detailing also greatly adds to the normal lifespan of the car. The reason is that it allows you to detect and fix minor errors that can expand and cause massive destruction if left untreated. Moreover, fixing car carpets, leather damages, and polishing the vehicle also helps the vehicle to remain in good condition for a long duration.

3. Remove the Toughest Stains

Having different kinds of stains due to eating or drinking, and pet footprints in the car is a norm. However, some stains are quite hard to remove and can increase the risk of leather tearing and other damages. Auto detailing can help you to get rid of such stains without going through any troubles.

4. Retain Resale Value

Replacing cars after a short duration is an expensive but still popular trend among car enthusiasts to scale with changing trends and enjoy more luxurious driving experiences. Auto detailing before selling is the smart approach to retain the resale value.


The average cost of detailing in the United States can range from $50 to $500.

However, car detailing prices are still dependent on different factors. The cost depends on the package and services you select—the condition and size of your vehicle and your location.

While most vehicle detailers have set prices for their packages, you may want to include add-on services that would raise the cost.

Expert working on car

Does Car Detailing remove scratches?

It can fix and remove scratches from every corner and side of your vehicle. Now, car scratches can be a bit of a tricky thing to remove.

The first stage entails the application of the topmost layer of paint. The next layer is the priming layer, which preserves your car’s paint. The scratch can be repaired by buffing it out if it is only as deep as the primary color or top layer. But, if the scratch pierces the top layer of paint and reaches the primer level or lower, the entire panel may need to be painted and repaired before rusting.

Bottom Line

Now, you understand the importance of automobile detailing. However, one thing remains unanswered: if you should go for DIY car detailing or hire a professional.

It is totally up to your skills and information about the vehicles. Yes, you can do it at home, if you know your vehicle well.

However, if you doubt, you should always call an auto professional who possesses both skills and tools to help you out with better efficiency.

As for the DIY, CarDecent has a pretty decent blog where you can find a lot about cars and their maintenance. So, do not miss to check out the latest information.

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