How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car Bumper?

The bumper is one of the most important parts of the car that safeguard the car from shocks and damages in case of an accident. Any accidental damage or even a single scratch can cause a massive decline in car value and appearance. However, repainting car bumper can provide it with a new look again without making heavy investments of time and money.

Repainting a car bumper holds many reasons to do this job. From scratch covering to hiding peel-off paint areas and matching the color of the new bumper with the vehicle body to the renovation of the old one, it covers all aspects that can add value and beauty to your car. However, perfect paint quantity, quality, and professional approach are crucial to avoid further damage or disappointing results.

How Much To Paint Bumper?

When it comes to covering scratches on the bumper, adding value, or repairing damages, repainting the bumper is a highly effective and economic choice. However, awareness of the perfect amount of paint, its cost, and its use are crucial to achieving desired results.

The bumper of all cars is not of the same size and shape. Some are small while some have golden color life. Therefore, each vehicle has specific requirements or needs that directly determine the type and quantity of the paint. It will also help you to estimate the average cost to paint a bumper. Ideally, you will have to spend somewhere between $500 and $600 to color the bumper.

Factors that Can Affects The Paint Quantity:

How much to paint a car bumper is the most buzzing question and only experts can answer it. According to experts’ charts, the exact quantity depends on the size and purpose of repainting the bumper. However, some crucial factors that can affect the paint quantity are listed here;

Quality of the Paint

The paint for plastic bumper and metal ones have different characteristics and quality. A low quantity of good quality paint is enough to cover all the scratches or old paint color, while poor quality paint demands multiple coatings to produce the exact color or fine appearance.

Quality of the Paint

Color of the Paint

The color of the paint also greatly affects the quantity of paint. The reason is that some colors are good in covering while some need thick and multiple layers to paint front bumper of the car to hide its scratches or old color. For example silver, green, and yellow are poor in covering the old surface while a single coat of black, golden, or red color is enough to achieve the desired theme.

Type of Damage

Another factor that can affect the paint quantity is the type of damage or the reason to repaint the car bumper. A dented bumper repair needs more paint than hiding scratches. Therefore, repairing dents is crucial to achieving long-lasting results.

Car Dent

Panel Size

Different car bumpers are of different sizes. Some have the same size hood and back bumper while some have a larger front hood but a small back bumper or vice versa. Therefore, the paint quantity also depends on the panel size.

Painting Tools

The type of painting tools you are using to color the bumper also makes a great difference. Though large-size brushes also provide stunning results, the use of a color gun is more effective as it helps to cover all the open and hidden areas of the car.

Things To Consider When Painting the Car Bumper:

Painting a car bumper or repainting is the ultimate choice for people to save more than 50 percent of the money and time that were spent on buying a new one. The best way to repaint vehicle bumper is by hiring a professional. However, some common things you should consider before doing this job manually.

  • Whether you are selecting auto repair services or manual painting, it’s important to fill all the dents and smooth the surface to avoid bumps or rough texture while painting.
  • It’s highly recommended to always choose an open-air area for a car painting job. It reduces the healing of toxic chemicals present in the paint. Make sure to use gloves and cover your face or wear a face mask when painting it.
  • Most people consider price the only factor to buy paint. If you desire a long-lasting, thick, and smooth painting surface, then make sure to prefer the quality instead of the price.


How to Fix Peeling Paint on Bumper?

First of all, mask the surrounding area, especially headlights. Sand the defective part until it becomes smooth. Apply a primer and blend the paint nicely. You can apply 3 coats after drying each layer with the help of a heat gun. Finish painting and lining before unmasking the vehicle.

How Much Does it Cost To Paint a Car Bumper?

The cost varies depending on the type of damage and the treatments it involves. Moreover, the painting cost also includes many additional charges like sanding, priming, primary paint coat, base coat, finishing, and lining.

What is the Average Cost To Paint a Bumper?

Though the exact cost of painting a car bumper is not known because it involves several factors, the average cost ranges from $94 to $275. It’s the labor cost and painting material or tools.

Bottom Line

Painting a car bumper is the ultimate need to fix the color differences, repair dents or cracks, and renew the car before selling it. However, the selection of high-quality paint and hiring experts is crucial to do this job perfectly. You can use this guide to understand each aspect of painting a bumper from reasons to benefits and cost to precautions.

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