How to Get a Dent Out of Car?

Auto Dent removal tips

No matter how obsessively you care for your vehicle, any time it is out on the road, there is a hazard, and will suffer a dent.

It could be another driver opening their door into yours or a distracted parker brushing against it in a parking area.

Maybe, an inattentive driver chatting on his mobile bumps it from the backside at a light, or a child bumps it with a shopping trolley.

Dents in your vehicle are unpleasant and can impact its resale value if you don’t fix them.

The exciting news is that you can easily get a dent out of the bumper at home.

Read on to learn about four ways for repairing dents on cars without ruining the paint.

How to Remove Dents from Car?

These are effective ways of removing dents.

1. Use Boiling Water For Repairing Dents On Cars

Use Boiling Water For Repairing Dents On Cars

Boiling water can not only be used for cooking and sanitary purposes.

You can also use it to possibly get rid of undesirable dents from your car if you have a plastic bumper and can ingress the indentation from the rear side.

Boil water in a pot, safeguard yourself from blisters with hand gloves, and have a container of cold water on hand.

Then, pour the boiling water from the pot over the dent. Pop the dent out from your car’s inside before the water cools down.

Thanks to the water’s warmth, the plastic will be a bit soft and release the dents easily.

2. Use A Mallet For Removing Dents

It may sound clique, but utilizing a mallet to hammer the dent on your automobile outwards can work wonderfully.

This works efficiently for medium to large-sized indentations. If you want to remove small dent from the car, a sledgehammer can work well.

Remember, hammering the indentation only works if you can easily access the dent from behind.

First, put a cloth over the indentation before hitting it from the inside to inhibit the inside of your framework from impairment.

Similarly, don’t hit it too rapidly or too hard. Tap cautiously from the dent’s middle until it ultimately pops back out.

3. Use Dry Ice For Door Dent Repair

Dry Ice For Door Dent Repair

Using dry ice is another effective DIY small dent removal method.

To use this method, wear hand protective gloves, hold a piece of dry ice, and then rub it directly on the dent until it pops out on its own.

You can repeat the procedure until the indentation is wholly out, or you can try to heat it first with a hairdryer before you apply the dry ice.

This will enable the car’s plastic to expand and contract with the hair dryer’s heat and the dry ice’s cold.

Either auto dent solution will help you easily eliminate a dent from your car.

4. Use A Specialty Tool Kit To Get the Dent Out Of the Bumper

Suppose you are not getting success with any of the vehicle maintenance tips mentioned above.

In that case, you may want to purchase a specialty tool kit that is exclusively designed to remove dents from the vehicles.

The dent puller tool releases indentations utilizing a certain level of force to pull them out.

However, do some research before buying tool kits, as they are not all made to help you obtain the outcomes you are looking for!


While small scratches don’t trigger car fanatics, dents do. They are certainly unappealing and exhibit that your vehicle has gone through trauma.

Fortunately, there are various methods for car dent repair in the United States, including using boiling water or a mallet.

If nothing works, you can hire a professional dent removal service. You can follow CarDecent for maintenance routines and car tips for owners.

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