Transform Your Car’s Audio with a Bluetooth Adapter

The rapidly increasing popularity of Bluetooth for cars has pushed auto manufacturers across the globe to integrate it into modern vehicles.

This innovative technology allows you to listen to your favorite podcasts or stream music on your regular commute without the stress of the monthly expense of internet radio or CDs.

Its advanced version is exceptionally power-efficient, can transmit a huge amount of data, and has little lag.

If your older automobile does not have Bluetooth and road trip accessories, there’s great news. You can add it by using a Bluetooth adapter.

This blog explains several ways to add it to your car so you can play your favorite tunes while driving, even if you have an older model automobile.

What is Vehicle Bluetooth?

bluetooth music

It is a wireless communication technology that permits distinct electronics to connect together over shorter ranges.

You can take advantage of it to link cordless headphones to your iPod or a wireless mouse to your laptop. Automobile Bluetooth works in the same fashion.

It permits you to utilize your mobile hands-free, so you don’t have to hold your smartphone in your hand or plug it into your wagon to play Bluetooth music, make calls, etc.

How Does A Vehicle Bluetooth Stereo System Function?

It utilizes short-distance, low-power transmitters to send and receive information over radio waves. If you have a wagon with Bluetooth stereo, it will identify your cellphone and make a pairing request. You simply have to tap “pair” on both gadgets, and they will automatically link over one of the available FM channels.

Afterward, you can access your mobile’s music, messages, map, contacts, etc., from the stereo interface.

Your stereo and mobile will change the channel, they are utilizing thousands of times per second to improve security and diminish intervention with other Bluetooth devices. As it only functions over shorter ranges, your mobile will automatically disconnect when you reach your desired location and step out of the automobile.

What is Bluetooth Car Adapter, And How To Add Bluetooth To Your Vehicle?

If your automobile does not have Bluetooth but has a cassette player or aux jack, you can utilize an adapter to give it the ability you want.

An adapter is a smart car device that lets you add Bluetooth to your van without replacing the current factory stereo.

It can replace aux cords in the wagon, so you can link your mobile to your automobile without using physical connections.

They come in various options, such as Bluetooth cassette adapters, Universal Bluetooth vehicle kits, Stereo adapters with FM transmitters, etc.

Transform Your Car into a Personal Music Hub with a Car Adapter

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

If your van features its own cassette player, buying a cassette adapter is the easiest and most inexpensive way to add Bluetooth to your car.

You can link your mobile to the Bluetooth technology inside the cassette player and then put it into your automobile stereo, allowing you to make calls, listen to music, etc.

Universal Bluetooth Car Kit

If you need the coolest car gadgets to make hands-free calls, purchasing a universal Bluetooth kit will be the finest and most cost-effective option. It consists of a microphone and integrated speaker that connect to your wagon without requiring to be linked to the stereo.

Due to this, you won’t be able to stream your own tunes or listen to podcasts from your mobile to your stereo.

To use it, plug the device into the headphone jack or USB port. It will require an energy source, so ensure you have a place to plug it in or that it is battery-powered and fully charged. Afterward, it is reliant on your gadget. Most kits work on the radio. You link your cellphone to the device, it chooses an FM channel, and then you tune the automobile radio to that FM channel.

Single-Din Radio

If you don’t want to use contemporary touchscreen amenities such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, you can install a single-din radio in your older ride. It will automatically connect with the mobile when you turn the automobile on. It boasts an additional USB port, an aux to Bluetooth port, and a microphone for hands-free calls.

Double-Din Radio

The most technically advanced approach to adding a Bluetooth adapter to your old van is a double-din radio with a touchscreen. You can not only add Bluetooth, but you can also add advancements that arrive with a huge touchscreen. It will probably offer you Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility as well.

Stereo Adapters With FM Transmitters

Whether you pick the vehicle-specific or universal kit option, these devices will let you add Bluetooth to your present factory stereo. However, to use the stereo adapter with the FM transmitters’ method, you will need to link the aux adapter to your existing stereo’s wiring.

Now, you can interact with your gadgets to stay connected as you drive—without sacrificing your safety.

All the methods mentioned above provide an affordable way to listen to your tunes that is also portable and trouble-free.

You need to select the right option for you depending on your vehicle’s type:

  • If there is no aux-in jack in your ride, but you need to make numerous calls in the car, and call quality is more important for you than music quality, then you should purchase a speakerphone.
  • If there is an aux-audio input jack in your vehicle, opt for an aux-in kit.
  • And if an aux-in jack is not present in your wagon and you want to listen to podcasts or music more than making calls, you should choose FM transmitters.

Reasons to Add Bluetooth To Your Older Automobile

Modern vehicles already have built-in Bluetooth. You just need to locate the correct button on your dashboard icon, which could be a bit difficult.

Without Bluetooth, you will need to pinpoint the aux cable and car charger at all times. The aux cable links your mobile to your van via a headphone jack.

By adding a car charger port and Bluetooth audio to your ride, you can listen to your own songs while driving and turn on the radio.

Stop Purchasing CDs

Save your money and time searching for CDS and just utilize Spotify. Furthermore, CDs are not readily available nowadays, and you can’t keep a lot of them in your van.

Discover an Inexpensive Device To Link Your Mobile To Your Vehicle

The cost of Bluetooth technology has decreased in recent years, making it pocket-friendly and hassle-free to buy a new device.

Use Your Headphones

While you should avoid utilizing your headphones while driving, you will be able to link them to your automobile if required.

Listen to Music

Long rides and music are mandatory for each other. You will love listening to music when driving your car. You need to have Bluetooth technology to connect your mobile’s playlist to the car. Therefore, you need to add a Bluetooth adapter to your car.


The world has grown very advanced. In this rapidly growing world, you cannot keep a car that doesn’t have any Bluetooth technology. You need to make it look modern by adding Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth adapter is the perfect way to install this technology in your car.

Voice Commanding

It is probably the most ignored reason behind installing Bluetooth technology in your car. Certain vehicles provide you with voice commanding options. These commands help you do certain tasks on your car without touching it.

You can send texts, make calls, and change playlists by using voice commands. However, it will be possible only when your device is connected to the car via Bluetooth. As a result, your hands remain on the steering and your eyes on the road throughout the journey.

Monitoring the Car

You can monitor some specific features of your car by using Bluetooth technology. Tyre pressure, engine diagnostics, and fuel economy are the few things in your car that can be monitored by Bluetooth. However, you may need to get some other devices along with the adapter to use this feature.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bluetooth Adapter for Your Car?

You cannot just go and buy any Bluetooth adapter for your car. You need to consider several things when purchasing a Bluetooth adapter for your car. Let’s catch a glimpse of these considerations so you can get a perfect one for your vehicle.

  • Compatibility

It is the first thing you need to focus on when purchasing a Bluetooth adapter for your car. Not every adapter can go well with your car. Therefore, you need to buy one that is compatible with your car. Make sure that your selected adapter functions well with the car model you own.

  • Easy Usage

You cannot buy a Bluetooth adapter for your car that you cannot use properly. Therefore, you need to consider easy usage as well. Make sure that your selected adapter is easy to use and comes with a complete guide as well.

  • Mic and Volume Control

You need to consider the mic and volume controls as well before paying for a Bluetooth adapter. One of the most compelling reasons behind adding a Bluetooth adapter is to use hand-free controls. Therefore, your adapter must have a connected mic where you can answer calls without touching your mobile. Similarly, volume controls must also be controlled by voice.

  • Battery Life

The battery of your adapter must be excellent when you buy it. Adapters with long battery life are good in other departments as well. If you have to often go for long distances, then you must get a Bluetooth adapter with a large battery so you don’t have to worry about recharging it throughout the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Should You Invest In Adding Bluetooth To Your Auto?

The expense of adding the device to a vehicle is fairly cost-effective, ranging from $100 to $300. A receiver or transmitter may cost $10, while a single-din radio can cost $100 to $200.

How to Use A Vehicle Bluetooth Adapter?

Link the adapter to your van’s 12-volt USB cigarette lighter adapter plug to power up.

Activate the mobile Bluetooth and pair your smartphone with the adapter via Bluetooth. Now, tune your wagon audio to an empty channel.

How Many Devices Can A Bluetooth Device Connect to, Simultaneously?

You can link multiple devices at the same time with a device. The Bluetooth 5 version permits several devices to simultaneously link to one device. Nevertheless, the maximum number of devices that can be connected to one Bluetooth device is 7.


In a nutshell, if you are speculating about how to add Bluetooth to your car, we recommend purchasing a universal auto kit.

These convenient devices are cheap, portable, and easier to choose—you don’t need to spend hours confused over which one to pick. Simply discover one that will function with your van.

Moreover, replacing the entire stereo system is not an option for most folks. If you’re one of them, you should go for a car kit.

If you want to keep your car well-maintained or need guidance about DIY car accessories, follow CarDecent.

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