Steps To Jump Start a Car with Cables

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Indeed, many of us spend most of the day in our cars. Either we are running errands, going to the places, or just hanging out with friends and enjoying the road. But how many of us actually know basic car care and maintenance tips? Hardly a few!

Well, if you enjoy the road, you must know that it becomes a trouble if you cannot do basic car repairs or fixes and have to wait long hours for a mechanic to come and help you start the car.

One of the basic skills that you might need at the side of the road is to jump-start the car. So, how to jump-start a car? Let’s find out.

How to Jump-Start a car with cables?

Starting a car with jumper cables

Things you will need to jump-start a car:

  • A pair of jump leads (jumper cables) that work.
  • The vehicle with the flat battery must be parked in a location where jumper cables may easily reach it.
  • A vehicle with a fully charged battery is yet another option (avoid a hybrid or electric car as this could cause damage).

Yes, most people may know how to start a car with another vehicle; however, you must also know how to jump-start a car without another car. For now, we will discuss the steps of jumping a car with another car.

Following are the steps:

  • Prepare your jumper cables.
  • Investing in a set of jumper wires and keeping them in the trunk is a good idea. If you don’t have jumper cables, you might need to start looking for new ones.
  • Turn off the ignitions in both cars and put them in Park or Neutral.
  • At the same moment, apply both parking brakes.
  • Then, connect one of the red clips to the positive terminal of your battery.
  • You will find the label either as”POS” or “+,” or it’s much bigger than the negative terminal.
  • After that, connect the other red clip to the other vehicle’s positive terminal.
  • Later, connect one of the black clips to the second battery’s negative terminal.
  • Then, the last black clip should be attached to an unpainted metal spot on your car that isn’t near the battery.
  • Use one of the hood’s metal supports to keep it open.
  • This is how the cables should look.
  • At last, start the engine of the working car and let it run for a few minutes.
  • And then, attempt to start your car after disconnecting jumper cables.
  • If your car does not start after following the mentioned steps, re-check the cords and have the other person run their engine for five minutes. Then try again to start your automobile. If again does not work, your battery may be beyond repair.

Bottom line

If you have managed to start the car, drive at least 15-30 minutes to keep the battery charged. Moreover, keep in mind that the average lifespan of any battery is 5-7 years, and if your battery is this old and causing trouble in starting a car, you might need to replace it.

However, only a professional can help you with the right diagnosis. CarDecent is one of the best places to help you understand your car so you can avoid any damage.

Besides, if you need any guidance on small DIY fixes or need to understand the process, even about the quick car battery jump service, our blogs can help.

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