Car Shuts Off When Stopped or Slowing Down

car shuts off while slowing down

Imagine you are driving your car and enjoying an adventurous journey but eventually, your car stops. How would you feel? Obviously, you feel disgusted in such situations. You can never want to ruin your amazing road trip just because your car shuts off while slowing down. It’s not only annoying but dangerous as well.

You have to slow down your car while turning. However, you can never stop your vehicle on a busy road. It may result in an accident. Therefore, you need to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. Wait a minute! How would you solve the problem without knowing the reasons behind it? Don’t worry! We got you. We are going to tell you why your car’s engine shuts off while idling or slowing and how you can fix this issue. Let’s move ahead.

Why Car Shuts Off While Driving – All Possible Reasons:

The following are the key reasons why your car stops while driving, especially when you lower its speed.

Damaged Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is present in the car and is responsible for transporting gasoline or any other fuel to the engine. It ensures a steady supply of gasoline to the engine so your vehicle runs smoothly. However, when it gets damaged, it may not be able to deliver enough gasoline to the engine. As a result, your car’s engine dies off. However, the supply doesn’t stop completely. Therefore the car turns off while driving but turns back on when gasoline is delivered to the engine.

Fuel pump is present in the car and is responsible for transporting gasoline or any other fuel to the engine.

Clogged Fuel Filter

Fuel has to pass through the filter before reaching the engine and combustion chamber. The purpose of the filter is to remove all the impurities which are usually dust particles from the petrol. However, when it gets clogged, it results in decreased supply of fuel to the engine because clogging hinders the flow of fuel. As a result, the engine dies while driving.

A filter is present in your vehicle to filter out impurities present in the petrol.

Faulty Alternator

The alternator is responsible for the electric parts of the car. Its function is to charge batteries, produce sparks, give ignition stimulus, etc. When it gets defective, your vehicle can stop as it cannot get the ignition stimulus or spark.

vehicle alternator
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Low Fuel

We all know cars need fuel to work properly. From its engine to other parts, everything functions on fuel or batteries. Sometimes you may observe your vehicle stop and then start again. This may happen repeatedly as well. It is mainly due to the low fuel level in the tank. Without fuel, the engine will not get any power and your vehicle will remain dead. It is not a critical issue as refilling can solve the problem.

Incomplete Ignition

An ignition switch is present in the combustion chamber of cars’ engines. The role of this switch is to start the ignition process and make your car run. It is a key step in powering the engine of the vehicle. However, when it gets damaged, you may not be able to start your car. Sometimes, when you slow your car, it requires reignition. However, a damaged ignition switch cannot do so. As a result, the car dies while idling but restarts when the ignition switch manages to start fuel combustion in the engine.

The role of this switch is to start the ignition process and make your car run.

Engine Control Unit Issues

The engine control unit is the central system of a car’s engine. It has to play an important role in conducting and intercepting data from all the sensors of the car. A car has separate sensors for different works such as fuel pressure sensors, MAF sensors, etc. You can say it is the electrical control center of your vehicle.

However, slight damage to it can cause a lot of trouble. It may not be able to conduct and intercept different sensors. It may cause the car engine to stop functioning.

How to Solve the Car Shuts-Off Problem?

You cannot keep your vehicle running and shutting down anytime it wants. It can cause some serious accidents when stopping on a busy road.

Therefore, you need to fix your car as soon as possible to avoid any mishap. Following are some of the top listed solutions that you can opt for to fix the shutting-off problem of your vehicle.

Replacing Coolant

Sometimes your car can stop while driving because it gets too hot. You need to replace the coolant of your car to keep it cool even after miles of driving. Check the auto tips present in your car’s manual to find which coolant is the best fit for your car. Otherwise, you may end up using low-grade coolant again.

car overheating coolant

Checking and Replacing Fuel Filters

Usually, it is suggested to replace fuel filters after every 20000 to 50000 miles of driving. However, sometimes you refill your fuel tank from a low-grade station. It may cause clogging of the fuel filters. And you know how a clogged filter can make your car stop while driving. Therefore, check it and get it replaced immediately if needed.

Overall Maintenance

The car required overall maintenance to stay active and run smoothly. Opt for car services from a good mechanic to avoid any problems. Overall maintenance keeps every part of your car’s engine clean, never letting it die when you are driving the vehicle.

Take it to a Mechanic

If you cannot understand what happened with your car it’s best to take your vehicle to a mechanic. Vehicle mechanics help in fixing your car. These mechanics can open and close your car’s engine, replace the defective part, and make your car run smoothly again.


Why does my vehicle turn off when I stop?

The most common reason behind this is the defective alternator. It fails to keep the engine running when you stop the car.

What causes a car to stall while driving?

Low-grade coolant, faulty fuel filters, and low fuel level in the tank are the key reasons why your car stalls during driving.

How to fix a car that randomly dies while driving?

There are different ways to fix it. However, the best way is to visit mechanics because they know everything about the vehicle engine and how to fix problems related to it.

Final Words

You can never ignore it if your car’s engine dies off during driving. Try to figure out the reason behind it and fix your vehicle. In case you don’t get a clue about why your car stopped while driving then take it to a mechanic, who knows how to fix this issue.

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