Why is My Car Heater Not Working?

car heater not working

It is no fun getting into your automobile on a cold, wintery morning only to discover the portable car heater is blowing cold air.

It is practically displeasing to have an electric heater for the car if it is not providing sufficient heat.

An undependable heater can make the bitterly cold winter months intolerable. Numerous things can go wrong with the plugin car heater.

Just like a home heater, there are various components functioning together to heat your vehicle.

If any of these issues exist, your heater will not work properly. In this guide, we will notify you about the causes of why your car heater not blowing hot air.

Why Is Car Heater Blowing Cold Air?

These are the most common reasons your car warmer is not working properly and blowing out cold air.

1. Faulty Thermostat

If the temperature meter of your automobile points at C even after the engine has got adequate time to warm up, you have a damaged thermostat.

The vehicle’s cooling system might not start in this condition. The heating system’s core will not procure any coolant; it won’t send warm air inside the cabin.

You can easily troubleshoot the thermostat, and it does not cost too much.

2. Blocked or Damaged Heater Controls

Automotive tips for winters

Sometimes control buttons get gummed up and stop functioning.

If the coolant levels are satisfactory and there is nothing wrong with the heater core, you may need to change the control valve or a few control buttons.

The control valve is positioned beneath the hood and works as the switch that is responsible for turning the heat on and off.

If it is not operating properly, your vehicle could blow cold air into the cabin.

3. Heater Core Problems

Another cause of why the car heater not working is the heater core.

Your vehicle might have enough coolant level, but the core might be obstructed.

The coolant that comes into the core requires an appropriate route to travel. If the core is blocked, the heater will not operate at all.

The core is liable for the car’s defrosting and heating actions and coolant liquid’s smooth movement.

There are many other symptoms that signify a defective heater core.

The core is the culprit if the coolant level is normal, but your engine is overheating, or your coolant gets consumed swiftly.

If you are experiencing frequent fog inside the cabin, it also indicates that the core is defective.


An effective portable heater for car can make your ride much more enjoyable.

If you notice a burning smell from the car heater or any of the issues mentioned above, contact a reliable local car heater repair shop to inspect your heater.

They will also enlighten you about how to fix car heater blowing cold air.

It is necessary to address heater problems immediately; otherwise, they may cause a costlier issue down the road.

If you want to read more automotive tips for winters in the United States, follow CarDecent.

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