Repairing Hail Damage on Your Car: DIY And Expert Methods

Sometimes the weather becomes unpredictable. Sudden weather changes sometimes don’t go well with your car. Just imagine you have parked your car when the weather is sunny. However, the weather shifts and it starts hailing. This condition is not good for your vehicle as the hail can damage your vehicle. Scratches and small dents on car are the common damages your car can have when exposed to hail.

However, you cannot keep your car driving with all the scratches and dents. You need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Before you head towards exploring the ways to repair car hail damage, you need to know the damages that can be done by hail to your vehicle.

Damages Done To Your Car by Hail

Hail can lead to several damages to your vehicle. The following are the main damages that you can experience when your car is exposed to hail.

  • The first and most common damage is dents. When the hail of different sizes strikes your car at a high speed, it results in dents. The hail damaged car may leave several dents of different sizes depending upon the intensity and size of the hail.
  • Not all the hails directly strike the vehicle body. Many of them slide against the body and can lead to scratches. These scratches and chips in paint affect the aesthetics of your car.
  • If your vehicle is under no shelter and exposed to hailstorms for a long time, it can lead to severe damage to the windshield and other glass. Even the lights of your vehicle can also break down.
  • Your car may also experience some technical issues as well. However, these problems are not mainly due to hail. Exposure to water can lead to these technical problems.

Expert Tips for Restoring Your Car's Hail-Damaged Exterior

Methods To Prevent Hail Damage To Your Car

Before you start exploring the ways to repair the hail damage to your car, you must go through preventive measures. It is way easier to keep your car protected from hail instead of repairing the damage afterward. The following are the key methods you can adopt for hail protection for the car.

Check Weather Updates

Make sure to check weather updates whenever you plan to go on a ride. Checking weather updates help you get an idea about upcoming weather conditions. If there are any chances of a hailstorm, then you can park your vehicle in covered parking instead of parking it under the sky.

Hail Proof Car Cover

Sometimes, you may have to face a hailstorm when there is no covered parking around. To deal with such a situation, you must have a hail proof car cover. These covers are highly effective and minimize the damage to your car by hail. You can easily get these covers from the market and carry them with you. These covers can be used to protect your car from hail whenever needed.

Opting For Covered Parking

Whenever you have to park your vehicle, you must opt for covered parking. Such parking is closed and can protect your car from hail damage and other weather conditions as well. The perfect example of such parking is basement parking in most shopping malls.

Ways To Repair Hail Damage Car

There are numerous ways to repair the damage. You can either opt for DIY ideas or take your car to a mechanic to get it repaired. Let’s have a look at both these methods.

Restore Your Car's Beauty

DIY Ideas To Repair Hail Damage Car

Most of the DIY ideas are applicable for hail dent removal only. Repairing scratches and chips on the paint at home is not a good idea. The following are the most common DIY ideas to get your car repaired when it gets damaged by hail.

  • You can try the warm air method to remove dents. You need to take an air dryer and set it to maximum temperature. Then you simply have to apply the warm air near the dented area and try to pull it out by applying pressure.
  • You can opt for the dry ice method as well. It will contract the area around the dent and make pressure to eliminate the dent. You just have to rub dry ice around the dented area to get it repaired. However, this method is applicable only for small dents.
  • You can also opt for a dent suction instrument. It is often referred to as a dent puller tool. It gets attached to the dented area and then you have to create a vacuum by suction. This suction helps in dent removal.

Apart from the aforementioned methods, you can try several other methods and buy dent removal kits as well. However, you have to use them with great care so that you don’t damage the paint on your car when removing dents.

Auto Body Shops

It is the perfect way to deal with hail damage. You must take your car to a nearby auto body shop and ask the mechanics to repair it. They are highly skilled people and can repair it with perfection. Damaged paint, scratches, chips, dents, and everything else that is caused by hail can be repaired there. You must opt for auto body shops instead of DIY ideas as it is the most suitable option.


How Big Does Hail Have To Be To Cause Damage To A Car?

Usually, all sized hail can damage your car. However, hail sizing one inch or more can cause severe damage to your vehicle.

How To Fix Hail Damage on a Car?

You can opt for DIY ideas to repair hail damage on your car. However, the perfect solution is to take it to an auto body shop and get it repaired by experts.

Does Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Yes! It does. However, it happens only when you have purchased comprehensive coverage on your car insurance.

Bottom Line

Now you know how to deal with hail damage on your vehicle. The best thing you can do in this regard is to opt for preventive measures so that your car gets no damage. Otherwise, you must take your vehicle to auto body shops to get it repaired after it is exposed to hail.

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