Car Feels Bumpy When Driving: Smooth Driving Solutions

A bumpy ride is only acceptable when you are driving your car on off-road paths to enjoy the thrill of an off-road journey. Otherwise, all of you love smooth and accelerated rides when driving. It can be annoying for you when your car starts bumping even when you are not on a dirt road. It simply means that your car has some mechanical problems.

These mechanical problems not only lead to weird feelings when driving the car but are dangerous as well. Therefore, you need to know the reasons behind a bumpy ride and try to fix this issue as soon as possible. So without further ado, let’s have a look at the top reasons behind this and ways to fix them.

Common Causes of a Bumpy Car and How to Fix Them

Exploring the reasons behind any problem is the first step toward fixing that problem. Therefore, we must start by finding the reasons behind bumpy rides and then figure out ways to fix them.

Tires and Wheels Problem

Tires and wheels make your car run smoothly on roads. If you observe your car feels bumpy on the smooth road, it means there may be a problem with its tires or wheels. The following are the key problems that can lead to a bumpy ride.

  • The wheels of your car may be misaligned. This misalignment doesn’t let your car move smoothly. Shaking will be more obvious than bumps when there is an issue with wheel alignment.
  • When the air pressure in the tires is not at the same level it can also lead to this trouble. Your vehicle’s tires will become uneven due to the difference in air pressure.
  • Sometimes, tires may observe uneven wear. This uneven wear impacts the size and structure of your car’s tires and leads to a bumpy car at different speeds.
  • You need to replace your car’s tires after a certain duration. However, you need to be careful when replacing tires. Sometimes, you don’t fix the tire appropriately. As a result, this tire may shake when you are driving your car and can shake or bump your whole vehicle.

Smooth Road, Bumpy Ride: Troubleshooting Tire and Wheel Issues in Your Car


If the car bumping is due to wheels or tire problems, then it can be fixed in a very short duration. You need to check the signs of misaligned wheels and then align them perfectly. You also need to check the air pressure in every tire and need to keep it at the same level in every tire. Apart from that, you can also smooth out your ride by fixing the tires appropriately when replacing them.

Suspension Issues

Suspension is the part of your vehicle that connects the wheels and your car. It acts as a shock absorber for your car and doesn’t let your car bump or shake even when you are driving it on uneven roads. However, sometimes, it may get faulty and can lead to a bumping car. The primary sign of a suspension problem is your vehicle dragging to one side. Your car won’t feel smooth even when there is a minor problem with any part of the suspension system.

Disrupted Smoothness: When Even Minor Suspension System Issues Impact Your Car's Ride Quality


The suspension system is not a single unit. It has many parts and damage to any of them can lead to bumping. Therefore, you need to examine the whole system deeply and look for the signs of the affected suspension system.

Brake Problem

If your car feels bumpy at low speeds, then brake problems may be the reason behind it. There may be several problems with the brake system of your vehicle. Firstly, the brake pads may be uneven due to continuous use and make your car shake when you apply brakes. An increase in brake distance or stop timing are the key signs of affected brakes and this is a safety concern as well.

If your car experiences a bumpy ride at low speeds, it is likely that brake problems are the culprit


The first thing you have to do is to look for the signs of faulty brakes. You can do so by checking the stop timing of your vehicle by applying brakes. Several noises and bumping on applying brakes are the main signs of this trouble. You need to get this problem fixed as soon as possible as it is directly related to your security as well.

Bottom Line

Now you know the top reasons that can lead to a bumpy ride. Apart from the aforementioned reasons, axel and engine problems can also lead to a bumping car. You can try to fix these problems at home to avoid car shaking or bumping. However, the best thing you can do in this regard is to take your car to expert mechanics. Troubleshooting your bumpy ride at a mechanic’s workshop is way easier than doing so at home.

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