Is Your Car Pulling To The Right? Here’s What You Need to Know

Feeling your car pulling to one side when driving on a busy road can be pretty nerve-racking. If you feel your car pulls to the right side, especially when you apply brakes then it is a major issue and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. When this happens, you don’t feel your car’s steering in full control.

When your car keeps pulling in the right direction, you have to tug on your car’s steering to keep it in a straight line. It can be very frustrating and dangerous as well. It raises many safety issues that you cannot ignore. Therefore, you need to get this problem fixed ASAP to avoid any mishap. So without further ado, let’s find out how to get this problem fixed.

Reasons Behind Car Pulling To One Side When Driving

Before we guide you about fixing the car pulling to one side problem, you first need to know the reasons behind it. Knowing the reasons is mandatory so that you can avoid them and not face this trouble again. The following are the key causes behind your vehicle pulling to one side when driving.

Wheel Alignment Issue

One of the most common reasons behind your car pulling to one side is that your car’s wheels have some alignment issues. You can say that your wheels’ alignment is off or in simple words, the wheels are not pointing in the right direction. It’s obvious that when one or more wheels don’t point in the right direction, your vehicle cannot go straight without tugging on the steering.

Wheel alignment issues lead your car to pull toward either direction depending upon the wheel with alignment problems. Hitting the potholes at high speed and not slowing down when passing from speed bumps are the key reasons behind misaligned wheels.

Tie rods are responsible for the alignment of the steering system and wheel to ensure the proper and efficient working of the car

Uneven Tire Pressure

Sometimes, you don’t pay heed to the air pressure in the car’s tire. It can result in uneven pressure in tires and lead your car to pull to one side when you are driving it. It is mainly due to the balance issue and can be fixed easily.

Uneven pressure in tires lead your car to pull to one side when you are driving

Worn Tires

The tires of your car have to perform the heavy duty. They have to bear the weather conditions, different road conditions, and several other things. All this leads to wear and tear of tires. You need to replace them immediately otherwise they can make your car pull to one side.

As the tires wear down, the handling of the vehicle can become compromised, which can make it more difficult to control the vehicle

Uneven Brakes

If you observe your car pulls to the left or right direction when you apply brakes, then it can be due to uneven brakes. Your vehicle’s brake system uses brake pads to apply force and stop the vehicle. However, when one or more of these brake pads wear down, it can lead to uneven brakes that ultimately result in your car pulling to one side on applying brakes.

Wheel Bearings

Your car’s steering wheel controls the vehicle during driving. However, if it has a problem, it can lead your vehicle to pull one side. Your car’s steering wheel usually has bearings problems. In such a case, your car’s steering makes strange noises and wobbles when you take turns. It can be dangerous for you. So get it fixed immediately.

How To Fix The Problem of Your Car Pulling To One Side?

Once you find the reason behind this, the next step is to fix it. You can try various things depending upon the reasons to get it fixed. The following are the key things you can do to fix this issue.

Replace Tires

The first thing you can do in this regard is to replace your tire. However, you have to do so only when the reason behind your car pulling to one side is worn-out tires. You need to check the tires that are not in good condition and get them replaced. Make sure that you replace both tires on the same axle at once. Otherwise, the new tires have deeper tread and you may still face the car-pulling trouble.

You need to check the tires that are not in good condition and get them replaced

Get Your Car’s Wheels Aligned

If wheel alignment issues are leading to the vehicle pulling to one side, then you need to fix them. Look for the signs of misalignment and then get this issue fixed. Sometimes, you may need to replace the whole tire if the wheel is old because old wheels may break down when you try to align them.

 In case your car is pulling to one side, it is essential to address any wheel alignment issues that may be causing this problem.

Check Air Pressure

The easiest thing you can do to fix this problem is to check the air pressure. You can equal the pressure in all tires on your own. You just have to check the vehicle’s handbook to find out the standard pressure for tires. After that, you can fill the air in the tires to bring the pressure to the standard level.

check the air pressure

Take Your Car to The Mechanic

If you failed to find the reason behind this issue or cannot fix it, then you must take it to a mechanic. Make sure to visit a mechanic who is skilled and qualified. Such mechanics can fix the issue in no time. They will first find out the reason and then eliminate it. Brakes pads replacement and wheel bearings problems can easily be fixed by the mechanic. Furthermore, they can give you certain car maintenance tips to avoid this issue in the future.

Bottom Line

It’s time to say goodbye to the car pulling to one side. Firstly you need to find the reason and then try to fix it. If you feel you cannot handle it, take your vehicle to the mechanic and get the trouble fixed. Drive safely!

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