Recognize The Symptoms of Bad Gas in Car And Fix Them

Experiencing uncontrollable and unbearable noises when you are driving your car? Bad news! Your car is having bad gas. You are not alone who has to deal with this problem. Many people around you are facing the same issue. Gasoline quality checking is not mandatory by the authorities. In most regions, this checking is done yearly.

Therefore, there are always chances of getting contaminated gasoline in your vehicle and its effects will be damaging. From poor performance to engine damage, a lot of risks are associated with bad gasoline. However, the point is how can you find out if your car has bad gas? The easiest way to do this is to look for bad gas symptoms in your car. After that, you can opt for the fixing of this problem.

Bad Gas Symptoms In Your Car

The following are the main symptoms of bad gas in your vehicle. Let’s go through them and find out if your car has a bad gas problem or not.

Lack of Acceleration

It is among the first few symptoms of bad gasoline. We all know a burst of power is required to accelerate a car. However, when your car has bad gas, you may not be able to accelerate it by providing that burst of energy. If your car has only a part of the gas contaminated, then you may experience varying speeds when driving.

Uneven Acceleration: A Possible Indicator of Contaminated Gas in Your Car

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

Your car’s fuel system is affected badly by contaminated gasoline. The simplest way to notice the decreased fuel efficiency is to estimate the distance covered by your car with a full tank a few months back and then compare it with the current situation. Contaminated gas is not efficient enough to make your car cover the same distance as done by good quality fuel.

Contaminated Gasoline Takes a Toll on Your Car's Fuel System

Engine Stalling

Engine stalling is also among the top consequences of bad gas in your car. When you have contaminated fuel in your car, it means the combustible ingredients are low in it as compared to regular fuel. Furthermore, it can be diluted as well. All these things lead to the engine stalling when driving your vehicle. Things get worse if you have a low fuel level in your car’s tank.

Idling Problem

Rough idle is among the key signs of bad gas. When idling, your car’s engine remains on without making your car move. However, when you have bad fuel in your vehicle, it can lead to rough idle. In such a condition, your car’s engine may not be able to remain running when the vehicle is not moving. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to restart the engine.

Delayed Gear Shifting

When you discuss the symptoms or the dangers of bad gas in your vehicle, delayed gearing can also be part of it. However, this symptom is only for manual cars. You may experience delayed gear shifting due to transmitting issues that are caused by bad gas in your car. Apart from that, you may have to deal with sputtering and other problems as well.

Transmission Troubles: Delayed Gear Shifting Linked to Bad Gas in Your Car

Ways To Fix the Bad Gas Problem

There are numerous ways to fix this problem. The following are the most effective ways for bad gas treatment.

Using Dry Gasoline

The easiest solution is to use dry gasoline. It usually doesn’t contain any components that inhibit combustion. However, this solution may not work in all cases. If your car’s fuel tank has some water or dampness inside, it can contaminate the dry gasoline and lead to a bad gas problem.

Replacing Fuel

You may have a bad gas issue just because there is the wrong gas in the car. Therefore, you must consider replacing your regular gasoline with high-octane fuel. It prevents the bad gas problem and improves the overall efficiency of your car as well.

Take Your Car To The Mechanic

The best thing you can do to deal with this trouble is to take your vehicle to a workshop. Skilled mechanics can fix this problem for you. They have to clean the fuel tank to remove dampness and other contaminants. Once the process is done, they can recommend a fuel station as well from where you can get high-quality fuel.


What Does Bad Gas Do To a Car?

It can cause a lot of damage to your car. The top troubles caused by it are idling issues, engine stalling, difficulty in starting the car, and delayed gear shifting.

Can Bad Gas Really Harm Your Car?

Yes! It does. If left unnoticed, this can lead to severe problems, and your whole car’s performance is affected by it. You may end up getting a ruined engine and combustion system if you keep on using contaminated gas for a long time.

Can Bad Gas Ruin An Engine?

Yes, it does. When your car has a bad gas problem, the engine has to work hard to keep your car running. However, it leads to the destruction of several parts of the engine and it gets ruined completely within a short duration.

Bottom Line

If you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms are present in your car, it means your car is dealing with a bad gas problem. It can be dangerous if you leave it unnoticed. Therefore, get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

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