Car Wrap Ideas Inspired by Celebrities And Brands

Making a statement with your monochrome car is old as the devil. Car wraps have become a new trend. Revamp your ideas if you want simple “flames” graphics for your car. The designs are evolving and getting crazier. Car decoration means more than “motivational quote stickers” on the windshield now.

Car wraps have been complementing vehicles since the 90s. Advertisers and celebrities love vehicle wraps because it says louder than words.

If you are looking for some car wrap ideas, you’ll find some ideas taken from celebrities, awesome personal car wraps, and some legendary advertising wraps that dazzled the world.

Car wrap not only “represent” but are excellent car protectors, are fast styling solutions, and require minimal maintenance as compared to paints.

We’ll be classifying vehicle wraps into these categories: matte, satin, gloss, neon, pastel, multi-chrome, and custom graphic. However, if you are looking for ideas to wrap commercial vehicles skip to the custom graphic vehicle wraps.

Let’s check out how people use vehicle wraps to make their statements.

Justin Bieber’s Baby Car

Justin Bieber Car with wrapping
Credit: Getty Images / Dmarge

Justin Bieber gave his Lamborghini Urus a matte cream (or off-white?) color to see if it was worth the shot. The color looks bland but it doesn’t make the vehicle look too ugly. The cream color reflects openness and humility. It might look strange but it is certainly very different from those ubiquitous cars on the road. Copy the idea if you think this color reflects your personality.

The “Different” Tesla Wraps

Tesla Car Wrap Idea
Credit: Pinterest / Aegis Paint Shield

Every other car on the road is a Tesla nowadays, especially in monochrome colors. How do you stand out with one? This Satin Rose Gold Tesla Model 3 looks magnificent. The color looks more feminine because of the pink touch, but it is a ‘gender-neutral’ hue. If you are a chill person, rose gold is the perfect color to show your personality.

Tesla vinyl wrap
Credit: Pinterest / Twitter

You can also try and wrap this holographic vinyl to add an artistic touch to your vehicle. Holographic wrap symbolizes luxury and royalty. It will look divine on any vehicle.

A Blue What?

Porsche Cayman S Miami Blue vinyl wrap
Credit: Aegispaintshield

Did you ever love blue? If yes, you might also like this Miami Blue Porsche Cayman. Miami Blue brings to mind a feeling of serenity and calmness. If you are a peaceful person, try blue as it reflects coolheadedness.

Chevrolet Corvette C8
Credit: Chevrolet / Pinterest

You can also try different shades of blue like this Chevrolet Corvette C8 above is top stuff. Dark blue evokes a sense of trust and stability–it will also seek much attention on the road.

blue raspberry vinyl wrap by Metro Restyling
Credit: Metro Restyling

And if you want to go a bit harder on the blue shade, just look at this gloss blue raspberry vinyl wrap by Metro Restyling. It can be perfect for you.

The Bold Neon Shades

Every neon color–from hot pink to bright orange, is trending. You can find some bold but cute car wrap ideas below.

Satin Neon Yellow

This Satin Neon Yellow reminds me of Billie Eilish’s famous outfit in the same color. If you think this suits your taste, go bold, and enhance your vehicle with neon shades. Despite looking ultra-bright, it reflects your energetic personality and creativity. You’ll attract all those eyeballs with this car wrap.

pink car idea
Credit: Etsy / Pinterest / Twitter

Pink was once just a ‘girl’s bedroom color,’ but Kylie Jenner changed the world with her “pink” cars. Suddenly hot pink automobiles have become a thing. A hot pink neon vehicle reflects a playful characteristic. It is the best choice if you are keeping up with the Kardashians.

Audi wrapped in 3M 1080-VCW17074 Satin Neon Fluorescent Orange
Credit: vinylwrap

Is Neon pink not your color? Try this neon orange wrap. This orange neon AUDI speaks for itself, and we are sure it will look dapper on any car. It’ll shine wherever you park it. The orange neon shade reflects the enthusiastic personality traits of the vehicle owner. So, if you think this Neon shade is for you, get it!

Calm And Soft Pastel Shades

Aston Martin blue pastel color palette
Credit: Aston Martin Newport Beach

Do you have an Aston Martin? It doesn’t matter. You can try this elegant blue from the pastel colors palette. It is for people’s people–those who are calm and composed because this low-saturated blue evokes a sense of peacefulness and security you won’t be able to find anywhere.

Purple color Nissan Figaro

This enticing low-saturated purple-colored Nissan Figaro is one of the best car wrap ideas anyone can ever give you. Low-saturated purple hues evoke a sense of luxury, loyalty, and magic. Also, it makes your vehicle look like it has an old soul.

yellow pastel shade vehicle wraps
Credit: Pinterest

A soft yellow vehicle evokes a feeling of earthiness and calmness in the eyes. If you are a person who appreciates low-saturated colors, try a yellow pastel-shade wrap.

Never Say Never to Multi-Chrome Car Wrap

Aston Martin looks exquisite wrapped in this multi-chrome wrap
Pinterest / impressive Wrap

Multi-chrome shades make the vehicle look royal. The above Aston Martin looks seriously better than any other monochrome vehicle. Aston Martin looks exquisite wrapped in this multi-chrome. Multi-chrome wraps are perfect for joyful people– who are not afraid of standing away from the crowd.

Ford Mustang
Credit: Pinterest

And what about this iridescent Ford Mustang? Usually, people consider such wrap designs odd, but we think this Mustang nails the look. The subtle black outline makes it look even better. You see, the real deal is in the details. A multi-chrome wrap is for playful personalities. It might also look good on a Tesla.

Custom Graphic Vehicle Wraps

Commercial ads are the best way to use a car wrap and convey a brand message or run an advertising campaign. You can make personal vehicles look extraordinary with these wraps.

Are you a Joker fan? It is just an example of graphic vehicle wrap execution. Personal cars are easier to wrap. This Lexus has an awesome poster of Joker holding a machine gun.

anime on car wraps
Credit: Etsy / Ebay / Pinterest

Anime car wraps are also trending. It is for anime fans! You can replace the joker and add your favorite anime character to give your car your touch.

car advertising
Credit: Pinterest

It looks like Iron Trust has some of the best advertising brains. It is an archive management firm, and the wrap clearly says everything.

message on truck
Credit: Jacques Pense

This wrap contains a phenomenal optical illusion ad with a message. Isn’t it lovely to see these extraordinarily well-designed vehicle wraps? Trucks have always been a fun way to illustrate a brand message. This idea powerfully leaves a positive impact on the reader’s mind by trying to convey a message regarding rainforests. When you cut trees, you are not only killing rainforests but also killing their inhabitants.

commercial vehicle wrap
Credit: Pinterest / PAUL AIB

A simple and sophisticated commercial car wrap is the best way to advertise a brand. Paul is a German company. The design hits the right nodes by displaying the company’s services in a tagline. The contact number makes reaching out more uncomplicated. What a genius IDEA!

Marketing campaigns on Vehicle

Mad marketing measures? Yes! Certainly. FedEx and DHL are rivals, and their advertising campaigns flaunt it. The first half of the image is DHL’s attempt at Guerilla marketing, advertising the company’s fast service. The other part is FedEx’s attempt to say the company is “always first.” Both brands have aptly used car wraps to convey the brand message.

Benefits of Car Wraps

If you are thinking why is there any need to use car wraps when you can have the same colored car, then going through the benefits may help you find your answer. The following are some of the top benefits of using wraps.

Color Transformation

The first benefit is color transformation. All the vehicle models are not available in every color. So you can get it wrapped to get your desired color. Similarly, when you get bored of driving the same colored car for years, you can use wraps to transform its color. Vehicle wraps are available in almost every color.

Cost Effective

Car wraps are very cost-effective. Getting them is more affordable as compared to new paint. Furthermore, the finishing of the car wraps is the same quality as the painting. So, you can opt for car wraps instead of paint to save you money.

Original Paint’s Protection

As a car owner, you never want your car’s original paint to get damaged. Using them helps you protect the original paint of your vehicle. They don’t remove paint when you use or remove them from your vehicle. Moreover, it also protects the paint from external environmental conditions that make it last longer.


New car paint may start chipping off after 2 to 3 years. However, the average life of vinyl is at least 10 years. So, car wraps are more durable than paint and are the best option to change the look of your vehicle.

Quick Installation

The minimum time required to paint your vehicle is 7 to 10 days. It is hard to wait for such a long time. On the other hand, Wrap can get installed at a quick rate. The maximum time required for their installation is around 3 days. So, you can have a quick car transformation using wraps.

That’s So Cool, But How Much Does a Car Wrap Cost?

Car wraps are not as expensive as you might have thought. Commercial ones are different from personal ones in every aspect. Commercial vehicle wraps are large and costly, but a good wrap for a small, two-door vehicle starts from $2000. Generally, car wraps cost around $2000 to $10,000 depending on the vehicle size, wrap complexity, etc.

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