Car Won’t Move In Drive: Causes & Fixes

Various types of vehicles are used for traveling purposes but cars are one of the best traveling buddies. Comfort, ease, and speed are the main factors that make it a popular choice to travel long and short distances. However, it requires regular care or maintenance, and ignoring this need can lead to multiple problems such as automatic transmission goes into gear but won’t move.

Normally when one or more parts of the car face some kind of problem, they start giving a warning but the car in drive but not moving issues happen suddenly without any alert or warning. It can result in a delay to reach somewhere or postpone the entire plan. Therefore, it needs to be fixed immediately to restore the moving ability of the vehicle.

Causes of Car Not Moving In Drive

To fix the car that won’t move in drive issues, proper or professional inspection of the car is necessary to detect the main culprits. It can happen due to multiple reasons. Some major ones are listed below.

1. Low Transmission Fluid

An adequate amount of good quality transmission fluid is essential to lubricate the transmission and ensure the smooth running of the car engine or its parts. When the transmission fluid level becomes very low, it fails to lubricate which results in misaligned car gears. Therefore, car gears do not connect and stop the car’s movement.

2. Brake Switch malfunction

Almost all cars have a brake switch to monitor the activity of the brake pedals. When the pedals are pressed, the inter-shift lock becomes disengaged and the car moves forward. Malfunctioning of the brake switch results in a negative impact.

3. Over Stretched Gear Cable

If your car is facing problems sticking in a specific car gear or in gear shift, the gear cable can be the main culprit behind it. Skipping routine maintenance can result in overstretching of the gear cable. However, the cable can also damage due to the aging factor.

4. Faulty Speed Sensors

Every automatic car has speed sensors which are responsible to monitor car speed and the transmission supply to the car engine. Rash driving over hilly or bumpy roads for too long can result in damaging these sensors. They failed to send the right information to the car’s computer system.

5. Worn Out Clutch plates

Worn or damaged clutch plates can also cause this problem. Normally they engage quickly after leaving the brakes and when disengaged push the car forward. When they are worn out due to overuse, aging, or other reasons, they start causing delays or completely ceasing the car’s movement.

How To Fix It?

The car starts but won’t move, issues can damage other parts of the car too if left untreated or try to move the car forcefully. From damaging the engine to ceasing the brake system functionality and complete failure of the transmission system, it can cause massive havoc to your vehicle. Therefore, it demands a quick fix.

The fixing method depends on the root cause of the issue: the car is not driving when putting it in the drive. However, some common yet effective and quick fixes for cars stuck are listed below.

1. Replace The Fluid

If the transmission fluid is the main culprit behind the transmission problems, you can easily fix it at home. All you need is to replace or refill the transmission fluid to the optimum level. Make sure to use good quality fluid supplied by a reliable manufacturer. It will not only fix the car not moving in the drive case but also enhance the engine efficiency.

2. Repair or Block the Leak

Cars not moving in drive problems also occur due to engine fluids or transmission fluids leakage. The only solution to fix this issue is cleaning and repairing or blocking the leak parts. It will also save you from massive damage to the engine and brake system of the vehicle.

3. Replace Damage Parts

The most effective and permanent solution to fix a car not moving in the drive is the replacement of broken, worn-out, or damaged parts. Though it costs higher, it will protect your vehicle parts from further damage.

4. Professional Service

Sending the car for a professional checkup and service is the best solution ever to restore the normal functioning of the vehicle. It adds to the vehicle’s life span, engine performance, and exterior looks.

Bottom Line

Nothing can be more annoying than facing the transmission won’t shift when accelerating or transmission problems. Using this guide can help you to better understand why won’t your car move when you put it in drive, the main culprits behind this issue, and possible solutions.

The best way to get rid of this trouble is to call a professional mechanic or send your vehicle to a creditable service station. It will eliminate stress, and save your time and money with efficient service of the vehicle.

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