Recognizing Bad Motor Mount Symptoms: Causes & Fixes

We can’t underestimate the role of the motor or engine mount in the efficiency of a Car Engine System. This most simple yet important tool of the car comprises two components. Each part plays a specific role such as the rubber part helps to absorb or reduce vibrations produced by the engine, while the metal part is crucial for the support and security of the rubber part.

The motor mount is mainly a connection point between the engine of the car and the chassis. When the engine starts working, its various parts start moving at high speed. It results in the production of a lot of torque which causes loud vibration. The motor mount absorbs this vibration and ensures smooth and noiseless riding of the car.

Carelessness and skipping regular maintenance can result in worn motor mounts. It can damage other parts of the engine if left untreated. You can use this guide to know the signs of a bad motor mount and possible solutions to fix it effectively.

Signs of Bad Motor Mount

When the motor mounts start tearing over time or due to other reasons, they fail to perform their function properly. It results in loud vibrations and impact sounds during driving.

Some major signs that can help you to identify failing motor mounts are listed here.

1. Heavy Vibration

One of the common signs is loud vibration when accelerating the engine and during driving. It indicates that the rubber part of your car motor mounts is futile or badly damaged.

However, it can also happen due to poor wheel alignment and other engine parts.

Experience noticeable engine vibration and excessive noise while accelerating or driving? It could be a clear indication of deteriorating motor mounts

2. Impact Noises

If you are experiencing impact noises coming from the engine while driving, it’s an alarm that your motor mounts need immediate replacement.

3. Engine Movement And Shifting

Another common symptom is engine movement during the drive. If your engine is moving back or forth and shifting to other sides, it’s a sign that one or more of your car engine mounts are misaligned and not working properly.

It can result in engine misalignment and dropping on one side if left untreated.

4. Visual Wearing

The most common sign that anyone can easily detect is the visual wearing or tearing of the motor mounts. The reason is that the metal part of the motor mounts starts changing its appearance due to corrosion and accumulation of dust and oil debris.

It demands immediate inspection, cleaning, and fixing of worn parts to avoid complete failure of the motor mounts.

Causes of Bad Motor Mount

Awareness of common causes of motor mount problems is crucial to avoid and fix such issues effectively. Therefore, we have listed here some main culprits;

1. Aging

All local and branded car motor mounts have a specific life span of 6-7 years. After this period, they start tearing and wearing because their soft rubber material starts losing its elasticity due to aging and stress. Therefore, aging is one of the major causes of bad motor mounts.

Proper care, regular inspection, and cleaning can greatly add to the life of the motor mounts, but rubber replacement after a specific duration is mandatory to ensure the proper working of the engine mounts.

2. Poor Alignment

Every part of the engine system has a specific location and slight misalignment can result in the partial and complete failure of the engine. Engine mounts are also not inspected and poor alignment due to manufacturer mistakes, oversight, or manual fixing during replacement can cause bad motor mount issues.

Always make sure to hire the services of a professional mechanic to replace and fix it.

3. Oil or Fluid Leaks

Another major reason for the motor mount problems is oil or fluid leaks on them. The reason is the engine oil and fluids on the motor mount soften its rubber part which increases the risk of premature tearing or wearing.

Regular inspection and repairing leaking hoses and pipes are the best solution to avoid and fix this issue before it affects other parts of the engine.

4. Poor Driving

Professional driving skills and appropriate use of driving techniques are highly crucial for you and your vehicle’s safety. Overuse of reviving gears and clutch can fail these tools and motor mounts.

Ensuring safety for both you and your vehicle heavily relies on employing professional driving skills and employing appropriate driving techniques.

5. Road Accidents

Accidents on roads during driving can also badly damage the car motor mounts or reduce their effectiveness. Therefore, internal inspection of the car engine system is highly crucial for the detection and repair of all possible problems caused by the accident.

Checking the vehicle’s road history is an effective tip to buy a new or secondhand vehicle.

How To Fix It?

It depends on the extent and reason of the damage. Sometimes only replacing the rubber part is enough to retain the normal functionality of the motor mounts. However, regular inspection, cleaning, and replacing motor mounts at least after every 5 years is the best solution to avoid the stress or damage of bad motor mounts.

Bottom Line

Bad motor mounts cause transmission problems, heavy vibration, and engine misalignment which can badly impact the performance of the car. Therefore, proper inspection and regular maintenance of the engine mounts are crucial to avoid any above-mentioned troubles.

You can use this guide to know about the signs of bad motor mounts in your car and possible solutions to get rid of this problem. It will save you both time and money.

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