How to Spot Bad Car Calipers and Ensure Safe Braking?

The car braking system is one of the most crucial components of the car which ensure the safety of the driver and the vehicle. The braking system consists of many crucial parts such as Brake Pads or shoes, rotter, and the brake caliper. Though all are mandatory for normal functioning, calipers on cars are vital for smooth braking on all types of roads and in all weather conditions.

Most drivers do not pay enough attention to their brake system until a problem occurs. While regular care and maintenance are essential to ensure the smooth working of the braking system, especially the calipers. Skipping this routine can result in premature wearing or multiple brake caliper troubles.

Almost all front-wheel or four-wheel disc braking systems of modern cars have brake calipers on the front. They are present on each wheel and produce friction between the tire and the rotter to slow down the vehicle’s speed. When they start wearing or tearing, the braking system fails to perform effectively.

Signs of Bad Calipers

Experiencing brake calipers wearing over time and replacing them before reaching the optimum age limit is a norm to ensure the smooth working of the car braking system. However, experiencing premature wearing due to multiple reasons is problematic and demands immediate measures to fix it.

Some common bad brake caliper symptoms are listed below:

1. Heavy Vibrations

If you are experiencing loud noises or heavy vibrations coming from the engine and surroundings, one of the car calipers is badly damaged. It can result in engine misalignment and reduced function if delay in treatment.

If your engine and its surroundings are producing excessive noise or intense vibrations, it could be an indication of severe damage to one of the car's calipers

2. One Side Pulling

One side pulling of the vehicle when pressing the brake pedals is also a sign of bad calipers. The reason is that when the piston rings on one side are stuck or fail to perform their function, they pull the vehicle to one side.

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3. Squealing Noise

If you are hearing impact or squealing noises coming from the engine, your brake calipers are worn out. It happens because bad calipers start damaging the brake pads.

When brake calipers stick or freeze, they also cause loud noises. Delay in fixing this issue can result in complete failure of the braking system.

4. Reduced Braking Ability

One of the most common and major signs of bad brake calipers is the reduced ability of the braking system. If you are experiencing difficulties in braking, hearing loud noises, or heavy vibrations coming from the engine, one or more brake calipers are damaged.

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5. Spongy Brake Pedal

If you feel your brake pads are spongy when pressing the brakes, you need to inspect your calipers immediately. The reason is that bad calipers start leaking fluid on the brake pads, which results in soft or spongy brake pads. It increases the risk of premature wearing of brake pads.

6. Fluid Leaks

If you are regularly noticing oil spots near the engine or wheels, it’s a clear sign your brake calipers are damaged and leaking fluids.

The Causes

What causes a brake caliper to stick or What are the culprits behind brake calipers? These are the most buzzing questions nowadays. It can happen due to overuse, reaching the age limit, or various other factors which are listed below.

  • Road accidents and driving on extremely rough roads are the major causes.
  • You can also experience car jerks when braking due to worn-out or stuck piston rings.
  • Another reason behind this is the corrosion or rusting of pistons, brake calipers, or brake pads.
  • Overheated engines due to continuous driving can cause the boiling of braking fluid which can result in brakes sticking or the car shaking when braking.
  • Skipping regular lubrication of brake calipers and pistons can also result in premature wearing of brake calipers and extremely reduced efficiency of the braking system.

How To Fix It?

It depends on the causes and type of damage. However, you can use the following methods to fix it properly.

  • Lubricating car calipers and all other parts such as pistons and brake pads can help you to restore the normal functioning of the braking system.
  • Repairing leaking and damaged brake calipers is highly crucial to get instant relief and avoid further damage due to bad calipers.
  • The most effective and permanent solution to fix this issue is the brake caliper replacement. Make sure to hire the services of a professional mechanic to fix the calipers accurately. It will reduce the risk of misalignment or poor fixing.

Wrapping up

To sum it up, efficient brake calipers are crucial for the proper and smooth working of a braking system. Therefore, regular inspection, repair, and replacement are crucial to keep car calipers in the right working order. You can also use this guide to know what calipers do, and what are the bad signs. It will help you to better take care of car calipers and notice the problem before it causes trouble.

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