Car Makes Noise When Turning: How to Fix it

Experiencing various types of sounds including squealing, squeaking, whining, creaking, and popping noises when turning your car is quite common. It’s a sign that your car suspension and steering system needs your attention. It not only causes stress or disturbance during the ride but can also cause serious troubles to you and your vehicle if left untreated.

Most people do not notice the creaking noise when turning the car until they get louder and start damaging the engine, brakes, and other crucial parts of the car with extremely low performance. While some ignore them even after hearing that results in severe financial damages and poor functioning of the car. Therefore, immediate consultation with professionals to indicate and fix the problem is mandatory.

Causes of Noise When Vehicle Turning:

When one or more parts of the car suspension and steering system become weak, damaged, or worn out they start producing noise when turning at both fast and slow speeds. Noise-turning steering wheel can be fixed by repairing the damages or replacing the worn-out parts. However, complete awareness of the cause or main reason for noise production is essential to adopt the right treatment.

Many reasons can cause sound when turning but we are going to discuss here some most common and major causes;

1. Bad Struts and Shocks Wear Down

Struts and shocks are crucial parts of the car steering system. Though they have incredibly long lifespans, they start to wear down after a particular time frame. Damage to these parts results in noise production and you can easily observe that your wheel makes a sound during vehicle turning.

Delay in fixing this issue or replacing damaged struts and shocks can cause more damage and your vehicle even starts bouncing when turning.

Causes of Noise When Vehicle Turning

2. Bad Ball Joints Become Dry

These are crucial joints that support the vehicle to sustain movement by controlling arms and steering knuckles. They need to be lubricated regularly for smooth working. Once they become dry, they cause car squeaks when turning. Delay in treatment can also result in steering wheel shaking when driving.

3. Broken Tie Rod

The wheel of the car has tie rods that enable it to move in response to engine force. When the tie toad is damaged, it starts producing noise when turning and you can easily observe a sharp knocking sound even at low speed. A delay in repairing can result in the complete breaking of the tie rod.

Car Tie Rod Replacement
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4. Clogged Steering Reservoir Tank

Regardless of the type and size, all cars have steering reservoir tanks that work to store power reservoir fluids. They have a filter that removes dust or any other particles and supplies clean fluid to the vehicle system. When this filter is clogged due to dust accumulation, it starts making trouble.

One of the major signs of reservoir tank clogging is the steering wheel squeaking.

Unclogging the steering reservoir tank is crucial for the smooth functioning of the vehicle and for reducing noise.

5. Steering Fluids Leakage

The power steering system of all cars has a formulated fluid that not only keeps the steering lubricated but also transmits essential pressure that results in smooth running and efficient working of the steering. Regardless of the reason or cause, leaking power steering fluid causes squeaking noise when driving. Immediate steps to indicate the cause of leakage and fix the issue can prevent you from further damage.

Fluids Leakage Problem
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6. Damaged Steering Column Bearing

Due to screeching weather, car parts start expanding which often causes damage to the upper bearing of the steering column. As a result, it starts pushing the plastic on the back of the steering wheels and rubbing it against the steering column clown. It causes a loud rubbing noise when turning the vehicle. It requires immediate treatment to cease further damages.

The best solution to reduce weird noises is the replacement of worn-out upper bearings or consulting professional services.

Solutions to Car Noise When Turning:

Indicating the cause of squeaking and other types of noises when turning and effective treatment to fix the problem is essential to avoid further damage and experience a smooth ride. Some effective solutions to all types of car noises are listed here;


One of the most effective methods to reduce noise when turning the vehicle is to keep oiling the crucial parts. It will keep the steering wheel and suspension system lubricated, help to reduce friction, and protect them from rubbing against the car body. However, it’s a temporary solution.

Mechanic Consultation

Application of Soundproof Materials

Applying soundproof material between the car body and the suspension system can also help you to treat all types of grinding noise when turning the car. The most commonly used soundproof materials are rubber and plastic. However, plastic can easily expand due to harsh weather and cause rubbing sounds.


The best and most permanent solution to all types of popping, rubbing, knocking, grinding, squeaking, and other wheel-making noise when turning is the replacement of defective parts. Consulting professional services can help you to identify the root cause and replace the worn-out parts more effectively.

Keep on inspecting your car


Why is my Car Squeaking?

It usually happens due to any damage to joints, tie rod, and v belt. When the bearings of the steering wheel column wear out or the power reservoir tank filter becomes clogged with dust, it also causes noise when turning. However, the most common reason is the friction or rubbing of two metals with each other.

What is The Best Way To Treat Squeaking Noise When Turning at Low Speeds?

The primary solution to squeaking noise when turning at low speeds is the use of good quality lubricants and applying soundproof material like rubber or plastic. For a permanent and effective solution, you are highly recommended to go for professional service of the car. They usually replace worn-out parts with new and durable ones.

Why Does My Car Make Noise When Turning Right But Not Left?

If your car makes noise when turning right but not left, it means that one or more parts of your steering and suspension system are facing trouble. It usually happens due to a worn-out tie rod, dryness of bad ball joints or CV joints, poor filtration of power steering fluid, and faulty steering gears.


Whether you are experiencing squeaking noise at low speeds or sharp rubbing sounds when turning off your vehicle, immediate action is needed to cease the problems from becoming worse. Though lubrication and repairing the damages can create a difference, these are temporary solutions. The best and permanent solution to car squeaking, steering wheel shaking, or weird noises when a vehicle turns is sending the car for proper treatment or service.

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