STINKY CAR? Here’s Why Your Car Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

Just imagine, you are all set for a long drive with your soulmate, but your car smells like rotten eggs. You cannot carry your journey in an automobile with a bad smell. The endpoint is that your whole journey is ruined and you have to cancel your plans. Abandoning your plans just because of some bad smell is the least thing you can ever expect in your life.

You never want to see these imaginations turning into reality. Therefore you need to eliminate the smell from your car before it gets stronger and starts ruining your journeys. However, first, you need to know the reasons for the rotten egg smell in car. Let’s move ahead and explore the reasons and solutions for the egg smell from car.

Reasons for the Rotten Egg Smell in Car:

You cannot jump to the solutions without knowing the reasons behind a problem. It helps you in eliminating the problem from its roots. Similarly, you can just solve the issue by avoiding the reasons causing it. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to know the reasons for the rotten egg smell coming from the automobile.

Faulty Catalytic Converter

The role of the catalytic converter is the conversion of harmful metal oxides into harmless gases before emission. They play an important role in reducing air pollution. However, different chemicals start accumulating in the converter. Sulfur is one of the major chemicals to be present in the converter.

If left untreated, the converter becomes clogged and neutralized. It starts emitting Sulfur gas in the cabin. It causes a Sulfur smell in the car. And you know what, Sulfur smells like rotten eggs.

catalytic converter
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Defective Fuel Pressure Sensors

Fuel pressure sensors are responsible for the fuel flow into the engine. They regulate the flow according to the car’s requirements. When they get defective, they start extra flow toward the catalytic converter. The converter can get damaged by this activity and release the smell in your car’s cabin.

Transmission Fluid Leakage

This fluid is used for the lubrication of certain engine parts. It needs to remain within the engine. However, its leakage results in its spread to numerous other parts. When it burns outside the engine, it releases a weird smell in car.

Leakage under automobile

Gas Leaks

Sometimes gas caps or other parts of the fuel transmission system can get damaged. As a result, gas is released into the cabin. It starts causing a weird smell in car. It can cause some serious danger if ignited outside the engine. So take care of this matter and get it recovered immediately.

Rubber Burning

The serpentine belt is present in your vehicle and provides power to certain parts of the engine. Sometimes it comes off and is attached to some hot parts of the engine. It starts burning and releases a rotten egg smell in the car.

car Rubber Burning

An Actual Rotten Egg

It may sound weird, but a rotten egg can be the reason behind this smell. If you break an egg in the car and don’t clean it, it starts smelling bad. As a result, the actual rotten egg smell spreads in your vehicle’s cabin.

Apart from the mentioned reasons, there are also some other reasons behind the rotten egg smell in car. Improper release of exhaust fumes or incomplete combustion can lead to a bad smell in your vehicle. You may also observe car AC smells like rotten eggs. It happened due to improper cleaning. When some small animals like rats or rodents died in your car, it also releases a bad smell in the whole vehicle.

Ways to Eliminate Rotten Eggs Smells From Your Car:

You cannot drive a car or carry out your thrilling journeys in a car smelling bad. You need to eliminate it immediately so it cannot ruin your plans. Following are some of the most effective ways to remove the smell from your vehicle.

Check for Reasons

The first thing you have to do is to check the reason at the back of the smell. Start by checking the gas cap and fuel transmitting system. Then head towards the pressure sensors and check if they are working properly. The next thing you have to do is to check the transmission fluid level. If it is low, it may be leaking. Find the leakage point and fix it.

Note: If you observe your car is smelling bad because of gas leakage, immediately call experts. Gas leakage in the car can result in an accident. So don’t drive it and call the mechanic at home to fix it.

Replacing Catalytic Converter

A Defective catalytic converter is one of the primary reasons behind the bad smell. It is complex to repair the converter. So you need to replace the entire converter for effective car smell removal.

Deep Cleaning Your Car

You can get rid of the smell of your car by simply cleaning it. This method is super effective when the smell is due to a rotten egg or an animal’s dead body. Deep cleaning will eliminate the source of the smell.

Make sure to check the auto-cleaning tips present in your car’s manual before starting the process. You can use a car air freshener after cleaning to eliminate the smell completely. Spray the freshener in your car’s AC for some freshness.

Deep cleaning your car will eliminate the source of the smell

Take Your Car to a Mechanic

The next way to eliminate the smell from your car is to take it to an automobile workshop. Highly experienced mechanics are present there. They will find the actual reason behind the rotten egg smell. Then they will fix the problem. Once the problem is fixed, you need to take your vehicle for washing and cleaning. It removes the already absorbed smell from your car’s cabin.

Mechanic Consultation


Why does my car smell like rotten eggs?

It may happen due to several reasons. Defective fuel pressure sensors, transmitting fuel leakage, and damaged catalytic converter are the primary reasons behind the bad smell from your vehicle

How to clean egg off the car?

If an egg breaks in your car, it starts smelling bad after a few hours. You need to clean the egg off your car to eliminate that smell. Soak a towel in a mixture of vinegar, lime juice, water, and detergent. Rub this towel over the egg. Repeat the process until it is removed completely.

How to get rid of the egg smell?

To get rid of the smell from your car, you need to find the reason and fix it. After that, you have to wash your car and spray some air freshener.

How to keep your car smelling good?

You need to keep your car maintained to keep it smelling good. Clean it deeply after regular intervals and take it to the mechanic as well. Use your favorite car air freshener as well for refreshed air.

Bottom Line

It’s hard for you to bear the rotten eggs smell coming from your car. You cannot drive it in such a condition. Find the reason behind the bad smell in your car. After that, you have to follow the aforementioned ways to remove the smell. From now on, you don’t have to cancel your long drives just because your vehicle is smelling bad.

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