How to Replace Battery in Car Key?

replacing battery in key fob

Changing the key fob is more expensive than replacing a battery in the key fob, so it is worth examining if the issue can be fixed with a new battery.

If your vehicle key fob’s range has decreased, the automobile is having trouble identifying its proximity, or the buttons have stopped responding to your touch, the battery for key fob is possibly dead.

Remember, even if the battery is dead, you can still enter and start your vehicle.

However, the locking and unlocking functionality of the remote will not work.

The battery is only responsible for supplying power to the opening system of the remote; there will be no impact on the immobilizer.

Now, you might be deliberating about how to open the key fob?

The battery you need and the method to open it differ depending on the particular fob you have.

Meddle open the fob, and then exchange the existing battery with a new one. Your fob should then function as envisioned once again.

How to Change Battery In Key Fob?

Follow these steps for key fob battery replacement.

1. Discover The Notch To Open The Fob

This is the most difficult part because the notch may not be observable. There is a little gap at the top on some units.

Nevertheless, you might have to check the connection point where the emergency key glides out for other units.

2. Use A Screwdriver To Open it

Take a flat-tipped screwdriver, slide it into the slot, and wedge it open.

The entire unit will open in half down the center, disclosing a round keyless remote battery low inside.

3. Identify The Type Of Battery For the Key Fob

car fob battery

The next step of car key battery replacement is identifying the type of battery.

Look carefully at the battery inside and look for markings on it to know the model of the battery. Purchase a new one of the same type.

4. Swap The Existing Battery With The Brand-New One

The old car key battery low should come out effortlessly if you pop it out with your finger.

Put the new one right in where the old battery was.

5. Close Up The Key Fob

After installing the new one, you can snap the key fob shut. When you squeeze it, it will click back into the correct place.

Depending on the new battery’s quality and how frequently you drive, you might have to change it every five years.

6. Test The Fob

Test The Fob

Point the fob at your automobile and try to utilize it. It should function instantly.

If it does not work, the car fob battery may be upside-down. You will need to open it again to check this.

If it does not resolve the problem, the fob may be damaged.


Now, you know what to do when a car key battery dies in the United States.

You can easily exchange the battery by following this step-by-step guide.

However, if you feel you can’t do it yourself, you can visit your dealer; they will swap the battery in a few minutes and charge a very reasonable price.

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