Car Air Mattress For A Peaceful Night Sleep

Car Backseat Air Bed Mattress

The escalating hobby of sightseeing planet Earth’s natural magnificence while utilizing a car as a base camp is as much about connecting with your automobile as it is connecting with nature.

To completely commit to the voyage, travelers often sacrifice the facilities and comfort of luxury hotels. They prefer to sleep in a car or perhaps in a tent resting on its roof.

To a traveler, home is where you park the car. Spending the night completely enclosed in nature adds a dainty element to a normal road expedition.

Whether your vehicle camping escapades are planned or unplanned, you require a comfy and relaxing place to lie down and sleep when night falls. Sleeping on your back seat is a (really uncomfortable) option; bringing a high-quality air mattress for the car is the best substitute.

In this blog, we have reviewed four of the best car camping mattress, you simply need to pick one of them, and you will be able to sleep peacefully on the road.

4 Best Car Backseat Air Bed Mattress:

With the use of a car mattress bed, you can travel comfortably and easily with your loved ones. So, if you’re looking for a car mattress, check out the popular options available.

SAYGOGO SUV Air Mattress Camping Bed Cushion Pillow

SAYGOGO back seat car bed is designed for folks who desire a comprehensive sleeping combo without doing an in-depth investigation. It is furnished with various handy features to make your trips memorable and enjoyable.

This comfortable automobile mattress features thick, sturdy, and leak-proof PVC that can support three individuals simultaneously, thanks to its 380 LBS of weight-bearing ability.

It has a filler that supports it on the automobile’s back seat. No matter which car you have, it fits perfectly on all cars’ back seats.

You can inflate it in half when alone or fully with pets or family. It takes only 10 minutes to inflate it.

Bed in car

Car Bed – Camping Mattress for Car – Portable Travel Sleeping Bed Inflatable Mattress

Another excellent back seat air mattress is the HAITRAL inflatable bed with two pillows for pillow lovers. It comes with thick, soft, and velvety PVC that guarantees relaxing sleep even when the automobile is moving.

The back of this SUV air mattress is created of PVC oxford fabric that makes it waterproof. The curve design supports your back so you can sleep peacefully without back pain.

Plus, it arrives with child safety to inhibit your children fall from it when turning around. It is wide and long to fit seamlessly in any vehicle.

camping mattress

FBSPORT Bed Car Mattress Camping Mattress

FBSPORT bed car mattress is a pocket-friendly car camping mattress with all the costlier models’ features. It can increase your uneven back seat’s comfort. We like it because it does not take up too much space in the vehicle.

It can hold a single person easily and support their natural spine curves. The bottom side’s bumper will guarantee an even surface and will not make you feel like you are rolling off.

Another noteworthy thing about this travel inflatable car bed is that it has an additional cushion between two front car seats to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable. It is detachable, so you can take advantage of it as an added pillow.

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WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress Thickened and Double-Sided Flocking Travel Camping Air Bed

This vehicle air mattress is perfect for those who have an SUV and have a bit more space than regular automobile owners. It is exceptionally easy to deploy and maintain.

This inflatable car bed can endure active usage and different weather conditions. The most prominent feature of this bed in the car is its build. It is divided into 4 sections, each having an individual valve.

So, you can inflate it completely or only expand the segments that fit your car’s space. This car inflatable bed is manufactured of heavy-duty corduroy and PVC film and boasts faux suede flocking on both sides. This materials’ combo makes it a fantastic choice for active use.

suv air mattress
Photo: Wey & Fly

How To Buy The Best Air Mattress For The Backseat Of Car?

Below are a few vital elements you should consider while picking the best portable bed for your car’s back seat.


Car air mattresses are available in several sizes, and you have to pick one carefully after keeping your car’s back seat size and space in the front in mind.

They are exclusively made for specific vehicles and trucks. It is possible that they don’t fit in your vehicle fully. So, you must measure your seat’s size if you don’t want to regret your buying decision later.


PVC and TPU are the most common materials utilized for creating air mattresses. PVC material has waterproof properties and can endure regular inflation and deflation cycles because of its flexibility.

Nevertheless, some creators can add other substances, such as oxford cloth or polyester, to make their mattresses long-lasting and apt for active usage.

Also, check how much weight the car backseat air bed mattress can withstand so that you can be sure that it will appropriately support you if you are obese.


The air mattress for the car’s back seat comes in single-height and double-height options. Single-height is sufficient for hiking and camping, whereas double-height back seat air mattress is impeccable for home purposes.

The single-height mattresses are approximately 8 to 10 inches high from the earth after inflation, and the double-height beds are 20 inches.

For a vehicle’s back seat, if your luno air mattress rises 4 to 5 inches high after inflation, it is adequate to offer you a sound sleep overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does The Vehicle Air Mattress Lose Air Overnight?

They certainly lose air overnight. This occurs because of the pressure applied to them over time, stretching the substance slowly—and taking into account the air’s properties, it will ultimately seep through.

Another thing that causes them to lose air is due to the night times’ temperature levels. Density is higher when the temperature is lower, causing its material to stretch and permit the air to pass through.

Is It Possible To Use An Air Mattress For The Car While Driving?

If you are driving the car, you should not try to lie down on a portable bed. Your commuters should not either. You should roll it up and put it away while you are behind the wheel, and everyone must be wearing a seat belt.

What Are The Types Of Automobile Air Mattresses?

Here are the most prevalent types of car air mattresses:

Removable Footwell Option

It includes an additional cushion to shield the dip. They offer a lot of flexibility as you can effortlessly turn them into a camping bed and a bed for a vehicle seat.

Flat Mattress

A flat folding camping mattress just covers the SUV’s back or back seat when you lounge down on the back seats.

Attached Gap Filler

A travel inflatable car bed with an attached gap filler will plug up the footwell, so there is no possibility of your pillow or your feet falling into the dip.


You can make your automobile expeditions extremely comfortable without spending a hefty amount on hotel rooms.

All the folding camping mattresses we reviewed above combine adaptability, comfort, and sturdiness in just the correct sizes and can fulfill nearly any need.

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