How to Replace Battery in Car Key?

replacing battery in key fob

Nothing can be more relaxing and comfortable than locking or unlocking and starting the car with the help of a single click or by digital key fob. This mini but useful tool gets operating power from the Battery present inside. Thus batteries usually have a 2-3 years life span but can also be weak or … Read more

Easy DIY Tips to Clean Car Carpet?

Remove stains from car carpet tips

The car carpet might not perform important tasks like the car battery and the engine, but it plays a vital role in the automobile. Clean carpets make your feet feel relaxed and provide an amusing odor. Nevertheless, many folks don’t know how to clean a car carpet without a machine to make it look new. … Read more

How to Get a Dent Out of Car?

Auto Dent removal tips

Nothing can be more frustrating and panicky than having a dent in the car for enthusiasts. It not only damages the car’s appearance but also costs a lot of time and money to repair vehicle dents. Therefore, everyone takes a deep look at their vehicle to avoid such troubles. Possible Reasons for Car Dents No … Read more