Why Is My Car Smoking & How Do I Fix It?

What to Do if Your Car Starts Smoking

If you are experiencing any kind of white or black smoke during driving or after starting the car, your car is in trouble, and continuous driving when car smoking can cause severe trouble to you and your vehicle. However, immediate plugging off the engine, inspection, and proper service can help you to avoid accidents and … Read more

Car Makes Noise When Turning: How to Fix it

How To Fix A Car That Makes Noise When Turning

Experiencing various types of sounds including squealing, squeaking, whining, creaking, and popping noises when turning your car is quite common. It’s a sign that your car suspension and steering system needs your attention. It not only causes stress or disturbance during the ride but can also cause serious troubles to you and your vehicle if … Read more

Car Shuts Off When Stopped or Slowing Down

car shuts off while slowing down

Imagine you are driving your car and enjoying an adventurous journey but eventually, your car stops. How would you feel? Obviously, you feel disgusted in such situations. You can never want to ruin your amazing road trip just because your car shuts off while slowing down. It’s not only annoying but dangerous as well. You … Read more

Car Sputtering Problem | Causes and Fixes

fix the engine sputtering

Regardless of the size and type, all cars use some fuel to run smoothly. Every engine system requires a sufficient level of fuel or gas to work efficiently. Massive increases or decreases in fuel levels can cause troubles such as the sputtering engine. It’s not a sign of danger, but ignoring it and continuing to … Read more